Rising Smartphone and Laptop Sales Fuel Global Image Processor Market

Published On : 06 Dec 2018

Image processor, also known as media processor, is a crucial component of image processing. Those find application in smartphones, digital cameras, and tablets. Important functions of image processors are noise reduction, Bayer transformation, and sharpening of images. They help to polish blurred or degraded images. 

With rising incomes of people worldwide, the sales of tablets, smartphones, LED televisions, and digital cameras has increased worldwide. This has also egged manufacturers to build more sophisticated products which are more effective. They are seen investing substantial amounts to research and development activities to that end. As a result, the market is always abuzz with product launches touting better image processors. 

Continued Progress in Image Processing Benefits Global Image Processor Market

The digital image processor can carry out a wide array of tasks. Those are typically embedded on a chip with multi-core processor design. Those are also used to gather and study data in real time. The continued progress in the domain of image processing is predicted to supplant the traditional text with images, real-time video, and 3-D images. Further, development of sophisticated 3-D sensors is also having a positive impact on the market.

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Some of the key technologies used in the global image processor market are single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) technologies and multiple instruction, multiple data (MIMD). Between the two, the MIMD technology is predicted to account for greater market share because of wide ranging applications in comparison to SIMD technology. 

Digital Cameras Drive Maximum Demand in Global Image Processor Market

Key end users in the global image processor market are smartphones, digital cameras, and others. Among those, the digital cameras are driving most of the demand in the market. In the near term, however, demand from smartphones is expected to outpace the demand from that of digital cameras. More and more smartphones are expected to be launched in the market touting better picture quality in the next couple of years. This is predicted to have a positive impact. 

North America Leads Market Due to High Sales of Smart Gadgets

With respect to geography, North America at present leads the global image processor market. 
This is because of the high sales and availability of latest gadgets in the region. Further, the presence of numerous players is also expected to have a positive impact on the market in the region. They are all focused on product development. 

Asia Pacific is another prominent image processor market. This is because of the presence of deep-pocketed global giants in the region such as Panasonic Corporation, Fujifilm, Canon Inc., Sony, Canon, and others. Their exhaustive research and development into more cutting edge products is having a major positive impact on the market. 

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