Global IM Software and Apps Market Gets Competitive With Players Adding New Features and Functionalities

Published On : 19 Sep 2018

Instant messaging (IM) is like oxygen in the current century. Those are used both for personal and official purposes. The range of products available in the global IM software and apps market can be broadly grouped into web-based messengers and mobile IM clients. The market is highly competitive at present. This is because of the unprecedented proliferation in usage of smartphones which has spawned a range of web-based applications for instant messaging such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Snapchat.

Host of IM Apps for Personal and Professional Usage Catapult Market Growth

The global IM software and apps market is surging impressively with the emergence and popularity of a range of instant message apps. One of the most popular among them is WeChat which was launched in 2013 and currently has around 100 million active users and 600 million registered users. Then there is WhatsApp via which 10 billion messages are sent every day. It has 590 million registered users of which most are based in Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia. Line, Viber, and Snapchat are other popular instant messaging phone apps driving the global IM software and apps market. All these are mainly used for personal messaging.

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Apart from such personal usage, instant messaging (IM) is also helpful for business purposes. It allows swift solving of problems by establishing connectively between parties situated in various locations and enabling them to send large files. They are user-friendly and offer a range of functions, such as video chat and conference calls. Popular products in the global IM software and apps market that are being used by small businesses are Google+ Hangouts, Adium, Jabber, Spark, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger. 

Proactive Marketing and Advertising Strategies by Players to Popularize Products Promotes Market

In order to promote their apps, companies operating in the global IM software and apps market are coming up with proactive marketing and advertising strategies. For instance WeChat is targeting an international audience with an advertising campaign starring Lionel Messi, the international football star. They are also seen adding new features and functionalities to surge ahead in the market. Those include voice chat, group chats, photo sharing, location sharing, and video sharing features alongside the basic text chat. They are exploring other options too such as embedding gaming apps and open API to draw more users. All these are upping the intensity of competition in the global IM software and apps market.

China With Large Population Leads Market

From a geographical standpoint, currently China holds maximum promise in the global IM software and apps market owing to its huge population of well over a billion and continued economic development which has made it the most lucrative smartphone market. Already, the number of mobile instant messaging accounts approached 1.5 billion in 2013. After China, India is appears another attractive IM software and apps market for the very same reasons.

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