Growing Prevalence of High Performance Vehicle to Boost Global Hydraulic Tappet Market

Published On : 18 Jan 2019

The rising demand for high performance car and racing cars such as Audi, Volkswagen and MW is propelling growth of the global hydraulic tappet market. Rapid increase in demand for high power engine such as V-8 and V-6 is one of the important factors influencing use of the tappet in an engine. This in turn supported growth of the overall tappet market in the near future. Increase in disposable income and expansion of the economy has fueled the global market. In addition, reduction in price of crude has improved demand for the fuel consuming engines more affordable. This has increased the demand for this type of vehicles and this in turn propelling demand for the hydraulic tappet market. The design to keep up optimal clearance valves and self adjusting tappet technology is another factors attributing towards future growth. Further, infrastructural development in developing economy is driving demand for such vehicles, which in turn supporting growth of the global hydraulic tappet market in the foreseeable future. 

Surge in demand for Electric Vehicle May limit Growth of Global Hydraulic Tappet Market 

In contrast, growing demand for hybrid and electrics vehicle is one of the key factors hampering the overall growth of the hydraulic tappet market. The increasing awareness among the population about the harmful emission of gas such as greenhouse gas and carbon emission is significantly boosting demand for the electric vehicles. Moreover, the electric vehicles don not require assembly of tapped and valves to stimulate growth and performance of the vehicle. This can be another trend negatively impacting growth of the global hydraulic tapped market. However, growing awareness about the VVT and VTEC is likely to boost demand of the Hydraulic tappet market in the near future, due to its increasing applications in camshafts. These high performance racing cars and automotive vehicle provide extensive applications of VVT technology. As it enhance the performance by difference in the timings of valves. This in turn supports growth of the global hydraulic tappet market in the upcoming years. 

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Existence of Large and Small Players Operating in Global Hydraulic Tappet Market to Boost Growth 

Some of the key players operating in the global hydraulic tapped market are Competition Cams, Inc. Competition Cams, Inc., Otics Operation, and Rane Engine Valve Limited. The manufacturer are majorly focused towards low-torque tappet with a chrome plating for the diesel engine manufacturers by Keihin and this helps in decreasing the friction loss and improve fuel effectiveness. 

Asia Pacific to Lead Global Hydraulic Tapped Market owing to Infrastructure Advancement

Geographically, Asia Pacific is anticipated to dominate the global hydraulic tapped market due to rise in production of automotive vehicle in this region, which is further trailed by Europe. In addition, growing awareness among the population regarding rising pollution is one of the important factor majorly contributing towards growth of this market in the coming years. The growth in infrastructure development is another aspect fueling demand for improved engine efficiency. These are some of the factors propelling growth in this region. 

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