Mushrooming Start-ups Driving HR Service Market

Published On : 31 Jul 2017 announces the availability of a new report in its repository, titled “Global HR Service Market Size, Status and Forecast 2022.” The report, developed by a group of professional market research analysts, aspires to represent the current scenario as well as the future prospects of the market for HR service, and targets audiences such as small- and medium-sized enterprises, commercial users, and industrial organizations. The report is a summation of all factors that will define the demand for HR service until 2022, segments it on the basis of type, application, and geography, and profiles a number of leading companies operating in the HR service market to highlight the competitive landscape. 

As per the findings of the report, information and communications technology may be a relatively newer extension of the IT domain, but it offers enhanced focus on unification of interaction across various platforms. The HR software can be used by individual or commercial users for middleware, storage of data, and A/V systems, adding new dynamics for the industry players. Some of the key factors driving the demand in the global HR service market are: increase in automation of HR processes, ubiquity of smartphones, and rise in cloud deployment. On the other hand, the reluctance of various enterprises to adopt new technology is seen as the primary challenge for the proper prosperity of this market. Nevertheless, the vendors operating in the global HR service market are expected to gain new opportunities from the growing inclination of organizations on HR analytics. 

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Based on product type, the report segments the global HR service market into employee service, manager service, and others, whereas on the basis of application, the market has been classified into small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses. While large businesses can channelize their multiple categories to visualize their trajectories pertaining to decision making over a period of time, smaller players can formulate their strategy based on predefined data, taking their strengths and weaknesses in consideration. Geographically, the report takes stock of the potential of HR service market in the regions of Southeast Asia and European Union as well as in the countries of the United States, China, India, and Japan. 

The report provides profiles of some of the key companies operating in the flobal HR service market, including Deloitte, ServiceNow, CJC, Rochelle de Greeff, Recruit Group, Eteach, NGA Human Resources, PORR, and Adecco. For each of these companies, the report offers main business overview, product, services, and solutions, revenue in value during the time period of 2012 to 2017, and their recent strategic developments. The report also contains dedicated chapters on market concentration rate, product and services differences, analysis of new entrants, and technology trends for the future. 


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