Improved Care Coordination Wins Hospital Real-time Location Systems New Customers in Global Market

Published On : 07 Nov 2016

QYResearch has recently announced the addition of a new research report to its repository. The research report, titled “Global Hospital Real-time Location Systems Market Research Report 2016,” provides a comprehensive analysis of the global market. The researchers have provided a complete explanation of the drivers and restraints impacting the overall market. Furthermore, the report also includes an assessment of all the historical developments and compares them to the current market situation to map a trajectory for the global hospital real-time location systems market. The document is intended to be a guiding document for all its readers.

Real-time locating systems (RLTS) are used for instant and automatic identification of objects or people within a given space. RLTS tags are recognized by the systems to track the location. The growth of the overall healthcare sector has created an urgent need for efficient organization solutions, which has led to the significant uptake of real-time location systems. These systems have become synonymous with hospitals as they have been successful in accurately locating assets or individuals within hospital premises. The usage of RLTS systems in hospital have played a crucial role in improving the nurse call time, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Incorporation of this technology in day-to-day hospital affairs has also resulted in improvement of cancellations, patient flow and communication, billing, decision to admit, and several other tasks that are a part of the hospital operations.

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The analysts anticipate that the global hospital real-time location systems market will be driven due to excellent care coordination solutions these systems offer. These tags or codes quickly scan through to help the administration to understand the availability of room and clinicians. It also allows the users to register the length of stay and maintain it as an electronic record for future purposes. The efforts toward digitalization and the attempts at reducing paperwork are expected to result in an increased uptake of real-time location systems in the near future.

The growing investments in healthcare and increasing patient pools in the wake of high prevalence of chronic diseases are also anticipated to boost the global hospital real-time location systems in the coming few years. Additionally, the monumental unmet medical demands in developing countries are also projected to a positive impact on the global market. The rising disposable incomes, improving GDPs, and growing awareness about diseases and disorders have also played a remarkable role in revolutionizing the overall market. 

Some of the leading players operating in the global hospital real-time location systems market are Ekahau, STANLEY Healthcare, CenTrak, Awarepoint Corporation, Sonitor Technologies, Versus Technology, and TeleTracking Technologies. The research report profiles these players and provides a complete analysis of the competitive landscape present in the global market. The report also provides a thorough assessment bargaining power of suppliers and buyers in the market along with an examination of the research and development activities of all these players. The document also provides an analysis of the market shares of these companies and their strategies for the near future.   



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