Worsening Security Breaches Call for Better Wi-Fi Security Solutions: A Brief Account

Published On : 10 Jul 2018

A recent report titled, “Global Home Wi-Fi Security Solutions Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025,” added by QYResearchReports.com to their vast repository, envisages this market to portray a fantastic performance thanks to rapidly rising demand for implementing security solutions connected to home Wi-Fi systems.

In current times, security breaches are occurring in almost every environment be it at work or at home. In case of the latter, hackers, viruses, malware, data stealers, and cyber criminals could hack into a home’s Wi-Fi system and cause much irrevocable damage, from a monetary as well as information-based perspective. As such crimes are on the rise, a dire need for strong security systems is felt all over the globe, in order to protect residential Wi-Fi. This has primarily led towards a strong growth being exhibited by the global home Wi-Fi security solutions market.

Although most Wi-Fi systems come with their own security ensemble, sometimes, they might not be too strong to resist strong hacker attacks and breaches. Thus, it is highly important for individuals to use trusted security systems for ensuring a breach-free connection. Moreover, an increase in the use of smart devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, smart TVs, and AR/VR headsets too has spiked the use of Wi-Fi, thus demanding utilization of security solutions. From an overall perspective, with increasing dependence on fast Wi-Fi solutions available for residential purposes, this market is expected to draw handsome revenue in future.

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However, it might be expensive for those having less disposable income to buy costly Wi-Fi security solutions, thereby plaguing the global Wi-Fi security solutions market. Potential customers could therefore shy away from quality solutions and instead opt for cheaper alternatives. This has a significant detrimental effect on enthusiasm shown by customers belonging to developing economies, where the rate of disposable income may not be high. Moreover, security breaches still exist even though strong Wi-Fi security solutions are used, consequently hindering the market’s growth. However, increasing penetration of smart devices in almost all parts of the globe followed by extensive efforts undertaken by Wi-Fi security solution providers to market their products is expected to offset these hindrances.

Owing to the presence of a large number of players, a high degree of competition exists in the global Wi-Fi security solutions market. Most of the market players are imparting a lot of focus on providing high quality products to their customers. This strategy aims at improving customer retention and expanding revenue generation. With new players being projected to enter the market in forthcoming years, the competition is expected to get tougher. Many companies are undertaking extensive research and development to enhance their Wi-Fi security solutions. Speaking about individual companies, Cujo, Koalasafe, Eero Keezel, Luma Home, and Securifi, are key players operating in the global Wi-Fi security solutions market.

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