Need Prevent Employees Handling Biohazard Materials Spikes Demand for Hazmat Suits across Globe

Published On : 24 Oct 2016

QY Research has recently announced the addition of a new research report to its exhaustive repository. The research report, titled “Global Hazmat Suits Sales Market Report 2016,” provides a clear understanding of the drivers and restraints shaping the trajectory of the overall market. The research report has been collaborated using primary and secondary research methodologies to provide its readers an accurate and exact account of the global market. The report provides a granular view of the global hazmat market along with estimating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats influencing the segments of the global market.

A hazmat suit is a hazardous materials suit that is worn as a protective equipment or gear by those working in danger zones. The suit is made of materials that are impermeable and comes with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The demand for hazmat suits has been considerably high in the past few years due to the rise of epidemics such as Ebola and growth of the chemical industry. These suits are used for handling hazardous materials in industries such as the oil and gas, mining, healthcare, and chemical amongst others. The growing need to control infections and epidemics is anticipated to be a factor in the vanguard for the increasing sales of the hazmat suits in the near future.

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The research report predicts that Asia Pacific is likely to the leading regional market for the hazmat suits due to rising number of end-use applications. The steady growth of economies in Asia Pacific has triggered the rise of manufacturing activities, thereby making a positive influence on the demand for hazmat suits. The demand for advanced waste management practices in this region is also projected to encourage the sales of hazmat suits in the near future. Additionally, the strong presence of manufacturing companies in China is also anticipated to keep the regional market in the forefront of the global market. The stringent regulatory reforms set by several governments across the globe to ensure the safety of employees while working in dangerous situations such as while firefighting or handling biohazard materials is expected to drive the global market. 

The global market offer three types of hazmat suits, namely, Level A (Type 1), Class B (type 2 and 3), Class C (type 4), and others. Level B offers the top level respiratory protection and is thus the leading segment in the global market. The fluctuating rates of these products and raw materials are expected to challenge the growth of the global market. Furthermore, lack of training provided to users about how to use the suits is also anticipated to hamper the growth of the overall market.

Some of the leading players operating in the global hazmat suits market are Dupont Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Lakeland Industries Inc., Alpha Pro Tech Inc., Honeywell Inc., 3M Company, Halyard Health Inc., Sioen Industries NV, Msa Safety Inc, and Ansell Inc. The researchers have scrutinized the competitive landscape present in the global market along with assessing the business and marketing strategies of these players. The research report also estimates the investment plans of these players, analyzes their research and development activities, and their financial outlook for the near future.


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