Mounting Cases of Cancers among Women to Drive Demand for Gynecological Cancers Drugs Globally

Published On : 19 Sep 2016 has announced a new addition to its repository of market research reports. The report is titled, “Global Gynecological Cancers Drug Market Research Report 2016.” The study provides a comprehensive outlook of the trends prevalent in the gynecological cancers drug market at the regional and the global level.

The report presents an overview of the various segments of the global gynecological cancers drug market along with an analysis of the players operating in the market. The study provides detailed information about the shares, strategies, products, and position of the companies in the global gynecological cancers drug market. 

The first segment of the report presents an outline of the different types of drugs in the gynecological cancers drug market. It segments the market on the basis of type of product and by application. According to the report, gynecological cancers are at times caused due to the origin of viruses in the body. For instance, vulva, vaginal, and cervical cancers are caused as the result of human papillomavirus (HPV) affecting the aforesaid parts. Such gynecological disorders and cancers can be possibly treated by chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation therapy, and medication therapy. The need for efficacious drugs to treat cancer in women is likely to drive the demand for gynecological cancer drugs across the globe. 

The growing cases of gynecological cancers are the prime factors driving the growth of the global gynecological cancers drug market. The rise in obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tamoxifen, and late menopause are factors leading to gynecological cancers. According to the study, obese women are highly exposed to the risk of having uterine cancer. The study stats that uterine cancer is the most commonly occurring gynecological cancer among women followed by cervical cancer. The rarest forms of gynecological cancers are vaginal and vulvar cancers. To treat different types of cancers, manufacturers are focusing on the development of new and innovative drugs.

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The introduction of numerous government initiatives and investments in research and development projects in the field of oncology are likely to aid the growth of the global gynecological cancers drug market. As a part of the ongoing initiatives, several government and non-government organizations have launched awareness programs to educate consumers about the benefits of gynecological cancer drugs. Furthermore, rising allotment of funds and grants from governments across the world to develop high end therapies and medicines for cancer treatment are anticipated to drive the growth of the global gynecological cancers drug market in the upcoming years. 

However, patent expiry of many drugs coupled with strict regulations imposed by regulatory bodies is likely to impede the growth of the gynecological cancers drug market. Yet, advancements in the field of personalized cancer medicines and mergers and acquisitions between government bodies and drug manufacturers are likely to be potential opportunities from which manufacturers of gynecological cancer drugs can gain from.

Few of the key players in the global gynecological cancers drug market are F. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd., Bristol Myers Squibb Co., Eli Lilly and Co., Becton Dickinson and Co., and GlaxoSmithKline plc. 

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