Greenhouse Irrigation Market Set to See More Growth on Account of Robust Demand in Asia and Europe

Published On : 12 Oct 2016

The report “Global Greenhouse Irrigation System Market Professional Survey Report 2016” has been added to QYResearchReports. It provides an insightful overview of the global greenhouse irrigation system market.

The greenhouse irrigation system market has received a steady fillip over the years on account of the rapid rise in population in the Asia Pacific region, which has led to a spike in demand for food. To match supply with demand, greenhouses – where off-season fruits and vegetables are grown in climate controlled enclosures – have proliferated, necessitating the need for greenhouse irrigation tools. Dearth of labor, along with special irrigation requirements such as accurate amount of water at regular intervals for greenhouse plants, has also driven demand in the market. With automated greenhouse irrigation tools such as sprinklers, drip tubes and tapes, and emitters, huge tracts of vegetation can be taken care of with minimum farmhands. 

Bolstered by growing demand from Asia Pacific and Europe, the global greenhouse irrigation system market is slated to register strong growth in the upcoming years. The report provides a thorough definition of the greenhouse irrigation system and a description of three popular irrigation methods, namely micro sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and boom irrigation. The report also discusses the key growth driver for each of these segments and details the various uses of greenhouse irrigation system in areas like growing vegetables and fruits, flowers and ornamentals, and nursery crops.

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Further, the report provides a valuable analysis of the cost involved in setting up a typical greenhouse irrigation systems business, including cost of raw materials and manufacturing expenses. The report delves into the manufacturing processes, industry chain structure, and notable suppliers operating in the market. Additionally, it provides information on key manufacturers in the market and their distribution network. 

Some of the most influential players operating in the global greenhouse irrigation market covered in the report are Netafim Ltd., Rivulis Irrigation, Lindsay Corporation, The Toro Company, EPC Industries Limited, and Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. The report presents a thorough analysis of company profiles, their share in the global market, revenues, and products offered by them, along with their prices.

The report presents a comprehensive market overview analyzing aspects such as global greenhouse irrigation system capacity, growth rate, sales and sales growth over the period between 2011 and 2016. The report also provides a detailed picture of key regional markets: North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India; an insightful peek into the market size; and trade growth and supply chain. 

Description of various kinds of end users of greenhouse irrigation systems across the globe and their effect on supply and demand is also provided. Details such as market size, notable market trends of past and present years, consumption forecast, demand forecast and growth forecast, arrived at after carefully studying the industry landscape from different aspects are also included in the report. 


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