2016 Research Study Examines Latest Trends in Global Graphic Cards Market

Published On : 26 Dec 2016

QYResearchReports.com publicizes the inclusion of a comprehensive market intelligence report bearing the title “Global Graphic Cards Market Research Report 2016” to its archive of semiconductors market research reports. This report of 115 pages puts out a focused study on top manufacturers in the global graphic cards market, which include IDT, Fujitsu, NXP, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Atmel, AMD, Molex Incorporated, Panasonic, Amphenol FCI, Red Lion Controls, ON Semiconductor, Bussmann by Eaton, Coiltronics, and FTDI. Interested parties can get access to a valuable survey of the production (output), price, revenue (sales value), and market share of each manufacturer covered in the report.

A section about the profiling and analysis of the manufacturers detailed in the report starts off with the basic information, manufacturing base, and competitors of each manufacturer. It also talks about the product types, applications, and specifications of graphic cards produced under the banner of each brand studied, followed by their production, revenue, price, and gross margin for 2015 and 2016. The section concludes with a good overview of the main business of the manufacturers.

The report answers questions regarding the global graphic cards market on the whole, some of which could be about the current market size and its status at the start and end of the forecast period, the segments anticipated to spur the market swiftly, the direction in which the prime market development could move into, the regions expected to top the market, or leading trends in the global market.

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While S3 does not seem to be anywhere near the radar of market researchers, AMD and Nvidia are looking to grab the global market with a large percentage. Although, AMD has a long way to go with its new graphics processing unit architecture, Polaris, to match up Nvidia’s mammoth share. However, it will be interesting to see how the green team continues to maintain the leading market share on the back of GPU and gaming markets moving forward at a faster pace than ever.

The global graphic cards market is segmented by region in terms of production, revenue, price, and gross margin. North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are significantly discussed in the report for the period 2011–2016 and through 2021. Another section about segmentation by region follows to explain key trends in the market on the basis of supply, consumption, export, and import of graphic cards internationally.

With regards to segmentation by type, report buyers can gain expert understanding of the market in terms of production growth, market share, trend, and price, and consumption growth rate and market share with segmentation by application.

The report is also a good source for beginners to have a critical overview of the global graphic cards market, including key industry classifications, definitions, and industry chain structure.


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