Global Waste-to-Energy Market to Expand as New Avenues for Sustainable Waste Conversion Come to Light

Published On : 03 Oct 2018

The demand within the global market for waste-to-energy has been rising on account of the rising need to deploy smart technologies and solutions across a wide purview of industrial operations. Conversion of wastes into energy has emerged as a key area of study for several organisations and research entities that are constantly looking to find ways of incinerating wastes. Several global organisations have presented facts and statistics relating to the amount of waste generated on an annual basis, and the numbers are nothing short of abysmal. Hence, there is a dire need to find ways of disposing this waste in a manner that is environmentally sound and savvy. Several new techniques for the conversion of waste into energy have been devised in recent times, and this has further elevated demand within the global market for waste-to-energy. Owing to the aforementioned factors, it is safe to anticipate that the global waste-to-energy market would touch new levels in th forthcoming years. The initiatives taken by manufacturers of waste conversion devices and equipments have also played a crucial role in the growth of the global market for waste-to-energy market. 

This article by QY Research talks about the various forces that have pervaded the global market for waste-to-energy in recent times. A number of stakeholders and angel investors have shown interest in this market, and this shall act as a key driver of demand in the years to come. 

1. Investment in Waste Conversion Machines

Several venture capitalists and global environmental organisations have been investing their money in ideas that can revolutionise the energy landscape. A number of start-ups and entrepreneurial ideas that aim to convert wastes into energy have received accolades across the world. Hence, the global market for waste-to-energy has been expanding at a robust rate in recent times and is projected to fetch lucrative opportunities in the years to come. Besides this, the quest of the environmentalists to achieve energy sustenance has also created demand within this market. 

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2. Government Investments

Governments across several organisations have been making ardent efforts to ensure there is maximum disposal of waste, and optimal conversion of these wastes into usable energy. Hence, it is expected that the demand within the global market for energy-to-waste would increasing alongside the efforts of governments and public sector enterprises towards attaining environmental sustenance. 

3. North America to Dominate Market

The demand for waste-to-energy in North America has been rising at an unprecedented rate, majorly due to the proactive nature of the government and acceptance of green standards by the masses. A number of organisations and companies in the US and Canada are tirelessly working towards ensuring a sustainable future for their region. 

Some of the key players in the global market for waste-to-energy are Babcock & Wilcox Vlund, Xcel Energy, and Wheelabrator Technologies. 

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