Global Sound Masking Systems Market to See Promising Growth Opportunities in Asia Pacific as Numbers of Open-plan Offices Continue to Rise

Published On : 16 Nov 2018

Sound masking systems are a combination of a variety of products used to raise the ambient noise in a vicinity and render speech noise less distracting by making it less intelligible. These systems produce an ambient sound that is engineered close to the frequency of human speech so conversational distractions are mitigated and masks conversations so that they can be heard and understood only by the desired audience – making conversations that are intended to be private, safely private.
This process of adding a humble, ambient background sound has been known to reduce the impact of human speech and mitigate the distraction caused due to a variety of external sources. Such setup is highly desired in a variety of environments such as open-plan workspace, classrooms, hospitals, and conference rooms.
Market Witnesses Rise in R&D Activities

The rising demand for these systems from these and other application areas in the past few years has led to a vast rise in R&D efforts focused on the development of more effective and economical systems. The global market for sound masking systems has witnessed vast technological advancements and a variety of artificial and static sound masking systems with features such as automatic level and spectrum adjustment have entered the market over the years. With rising demand and increased development efforts undertaken by leading vendors, the global sound masking systems market is likely to expand at a promising pace in the next few years.
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Vast Rise in Numbers of Open-plan Workplaces Globally Drives Market

One of the leading uses of sound masking systems is found in open-plan offices, where employees are seated in closely connected work desks or cubicles. Such offices may be a good resort for employers due to their low cost and the easier access they allow to colleagues. However, the close proximity of co-workers can lead to issues ranging from reduced acoustical satisfaction and impaired concentration for the workers.
To mitigate the chances of such settings leading to a negative impact on the performance, workability, and concentration of workers, focus has increased on ways of improving the sound environment of such workplaces. As the numbers of open-plan offices rise across the world, with occupational space shrinking increasingly in emerging economies and focus of developed economies increasing on cost reductions, the demand for sound masking systems from open-plan offices is likely to massively increase in the next few years.
Asia Pacific to Present Promising Growth Opportunities

With a large number of some of the leading companies operating in the global sound masking systems market located in regions such as North America and Europe and the concept of open-plan offices being a common thing, the market for sound masking systems in these regions is well-established. These regions are likely to remain some of the leading revenue contributors to the global market in the next few years as well. However, the market in Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as one of the most promising ones owing to the vast set of untapped growth opportunities and the massive rise in numbers of open-plan offices in emerging economies in the region. The rising production capacities of several companies in the region and increased focus of companies on R&D activities are also expected to work in favour of the regional market for sound masking systems in the near future.

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