Rise in Demand for Cold Refreshments Boosts Growth in the Global Smoothies Market

Published On : 19 Sep 2018

Smoothies being highly popular milk and fruit-based refreshment beverages, they mostly witness a high demand majorly during the summer season. Thanks to their availability in most parts of the globe, a distinct smoothies market exists from a global perspective. Many ingredients are used in the production of smoothies, and nowadays, a plethora of varieties are available.

Rising demand for quality refreshment foods and beverages thanks to a changing culinary industry is primarily responsible for driving the global smoothies market. Many manufacturers are coming up with different types of smoothies for health conscious and lactose intolerant people. Such a large awareness among the conscious part of the global population is also proving to be beneficial to the market’s growth. Most of these health-conscious people consume fruit-based smoothies in order to gain highly necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, increase in the number of sporting activities too has been responsible for causing a surge in the demand for delicious cooling refreshments in the form of smoothies, consequently driving the global smoothies market.

However, smoothies from unreliable brands and places may contain harmful chemicals that could cause serious health problems. Moreover, provision of insufficient wages to workers in stabilizer manufacturing factories, shortage of expertise required for equipment manufacturing, and improperly maintained safety of workers also are key growth obstacles. These problems are notably restraining the smoothies market. In addition, volatility in costs of ingredients required to make smoothies in remote and underdeveloped regions has been notably restraining this market too. In these regions, lack of trained staff might lead to less production of smoothies, thereby restraining the market. However, many companies are expected to regulate such volatility in raw materials, thereby offsetting most restraints affecting the global smoothies market.

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The global smoothies market depicts the presence of a highly fragmented and competitive vendor landscape. This is mainly due to the presence of innumerable companies and manufacturers in this sector. With more players entering the smoothies market, the vendor landscape is expected to depict an intensified competition during the forthcoming years. Bringing about extensive product innovations is a prime strategy implemented by most businesses working in this sector. Dr. Smoothie Brands, Tropical Smoothie Café, Jamba Juice Company, Bolthouse Farms, Smoothie King, Naked Juice, The Smoothie Company, Daily Harvest, Innocent, Happy Planet, J Sainsbury, Odwalla, MTY Food Group, and Suja Juice, are key players operating in the global smoothies market.

Geography-wise, the global smoothies market is spread across North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. Of these, North America holds a leading stance in the market owing to high production capacities of the refreshments coupled with large disposable incomes of individuals. However, the global smoothies market is rapidly progressing in Asia Pacific too, with numerous renowned companies getting established in this region.

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