Global Smart Parking Systems Market to Witness Rising Demand from Developed Countries

Published On : 25 Apr 2016

A recent market research report featured on the vast market research report portfolio of gives an in-depth account of the present state of the global market for smart parking systems. The report, titled “Global Smart Parking System Industry 2016 Market Research Report,” comprises a professional and comprehensive analytical overview of the market across key regional markets and application areas of smart parking systems.

The report gives a detailed overview of the major factors driving and restraining the overall growth of the market, along with a detailed analytical study of the impact of these factors on the future development prospects of the market.

The report examines the global market for smart parking systems, which are digital systems used for optimizing the usage of parking space, improving the efficiency of critical parking operations, and making traffic more easily free-flowing and free from congestions.

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Smart parking systems are known to enable hassle-free parking of vehicles in a time-, fuel-, and cost-efficient manner. Common smart parking systems combine low-cost sensors, real-time data collection and analysis facilities, and features such as parking guidance, automated payment, illegal parking alerts, and license plate screening embedded within the system design. Owing to the rising demand for parking spaces to accommodate the continuously rising number of consumer vehicles, especially in the urbanized parts of the developed as well as the developing world, the global demand for smart parking systems has exhibited an exponential rise in the past few years.

The market for smart parking systems is expected to exhibit flourishing growth over the next few years as well, mostly owing to the high demand for such systems in developed countries.

The report examines the global smart parking systems market in a ground-up manner and begins by providing industry-specific definitions of the core market elements. The report further analyzes the classification of smart parking systems, their major application areas, and the overall industry structure of the global smart parking systems market, its regional overview, analysis of major plans and policies, and an analysis of the recent developments in the market.

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The report also gives a detailed overview of the regulatory framework of the market, wherein detailed data regarding the major rules and regulations influencing the growth prospects of the global smart parking systems market is discussed.

The report also gives an expansive account of the competitive landscape of the global smart parking system market, wherein detailed business profiles, production capacities, actual production during the report’s review period, product and services specifications, recent technological developments, contact details, and other details of some of the major vendors operating in the market are discussed.

Some of the most influential vendors in the global smart parking system market profiled in the report are Xerox, World sensing, Urbiotica, Parkmobile, Swarco, Street line, T2 Systems, Serco, Wilson Parking, Parkopedia, ParkMe, Cubic Corporation, Q-Park, Skidata, Smart Parking, Haystack, APARC, ParkHelp, Fabr, Kapsch, MSR-Traffic, HCL, IBM, and Cisco Systems.

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