Convenience Accorded by Shower Gels, Props up Global Demand

Published On : 08 Oct 2018

The rising uptake of personal care products means sustained growth in the global shower gel market. Also known as shower creams, they are fast supplanting the traditional solid soap bars that are being formulated by the saponification of liquid fats, namely animal fats or vegetable oils by using alkali such as sodium hydroxide. This is because, shower gels typically comprised of water, foaming ingredient, and betaine, are more convenient to use. They are also being preferred cause of their strong scent.

The global shower gel market is seeing continued growth because of the proliferation of products. Manufacturers, small and large, are seen focusing on products suitable for various skin types, with added nutritional quotient to nourish the skin while cleaning it. They are focusing on different colors and scents too. For example, they are introducing shower gels having exfoliating agents. Those tout of their ability to remove dead skin cell layer so that one has more youthful skin. There are products for acne prone skins minus harsh cleansers so that skin does not get damaged. 

Products with Natural Ingredients See Surging Demand

The most noticeable trend in the global shower gel market is the emergence of products containing natural ingredients and products and free from harmful chemicals and allergens. This trend for organic products is in line with the rest of the beauty and personal care industry. Even though such premium products are priced higher, they are seeing increased demand and subsequent sales in the global shower gel market because of the greater spending capacity of people and the growing tribe of discerning customers.

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Yet another noticeable trend in the global shower gel market is the introduction of products having food-inspired ingredients such as honey and milk, plants extracts, and essential oils. This is in response to the rising perception that natural ingredients are more beneficial and essentially safe.

Presence of Large and Small Players Creates Robust Competition in Market

The global shower gel market is characterized by solid competition. Large players such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Beiersdorf AG, Johnson & Johnson, and Colgate Palmolive Company, among others are seen investing large amounts in research and development so as to diversify their product portfolios. They are also banking upon aggressive marketing and advertising strategies to educate prospective buyers about their products and increase sales. The smaller niche players in the global shower gel market are also launching products having various unique perceived benefits. They are seen selling their products via supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail stores, and online ecommerce platforms.

Asia Pacific Spells Maximum Opportunity in Global Shower Gel Market

From a geographical standpoint, Asia Pacific has come to be known as the most lucrative market because of China and India. The two nations, home to around two thirds of the world population are proving to be high growth shower gel markets because of the rapid economic development.  

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