Global LED Lighting Industry to Rise Exponentially, Energy-efficiency and Cost-effectiveness Emerge as Key Drivers

Published On : 13 Jun 2016 announces the addition of a new research report titled “Global LED lighting Industry 2016 Market Research Report.” This report presents extensive information on the global LED Lighting industry and encapsulates information on the industry’s current state as well as its predicted state in forthcoming years. The report details the market in terms of application, product type, and region. An unbiased and thorough review has been presented on the key opportunities, drivers, restraints, and trends impacting the growth of the global LED lighting industry. The major segments and sub-segments in the market have also been analyzed coupled with presenting the top segments in the forecast period, 2011 to 2016.

The report begins by presenting the application, definition, and classification of LED lighting. LED is the abbreviated form of light-emitting diode and it is a two-lead semiconductor source of light that works on the principle of converting electricity into light. LED lights have emerged as a cutting-edge technology within energy efficient lighting. These lights are highly energy-efficient and save around 85% energy cost as compared to incandescent and halogen lighting. Thus, they reduce the overall cost of lighting and are eco friendly in nature. In addition, they have a relatively longer life span in comparison to other types of lighting. These lights, thanks to their longer life, also aid in lowering the labor costs required for bulb replacements in commercial sectors. They are commonly utilized in architectural, residential, and outdoor lighting. Amongst all these application segments, LED lighting is majorly utilized within the residential segment.

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In the following section, the study presents the dynamics impacting the growth of the market. The increasing energy conservation concerns, the rising count of initiatives taken by governments worldwide, and the pocket-friendly nature of LED lights are amongst the prime factors stimulating the development of the global LED lighting market. In addition, the growing demand for more durable lights and the rising concerns about the emission of carbon dioxide gases by the use of other types of lights have also impacted the market positively.

In the next part of the report, the news evaluation and industry policy of LED lighting have been presented. Moving further, an analysis on the manufacturing cost structure of LED lighting has been encapsulated. Under this section, attributes such as bill of materials (BOM) as well as the BOM price analysis of LED lighting in the global market has been entailed. Furthermore, an analysis has also been presented on the manufacturing cost, depreciation cost, and labor cost of the global LED lighting market. The next section of the report presents the import, export, supply, and consumption evaluation of LED lighting in the U.S., the EU, Japan, and China in the forecast horizon.

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The prime players covered under this study are GE lighting, TOSHIBA, Lithonia, PHILIPS, Panasonic, FSL, NVC Lighting, and OPPLE, among others.

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