Global In-car Wireless Charging Market to Benefit from Rising Number of Car Models that Come Fitted with Wireless Charging Systems

Published On : 10 Dec 2018

Technological innovations in in-car communication, entertainment, and other systems in the past few years have resulted in heightened user experience, automated operation, and a variety of connectivity options, such as wireless connectivity, multiple USB port, and Bluetooth interface. The ubiquity of smartphones across the globe, a large share of which incorporate wireless charging features, has been encouraging the development of in-car wireless charging systems in the past few years. While wired in-car charging systems have become a common thing in most cars these days, the use of wireless systems still remains limited.

However, the market is expected to be driven at a promising pace in the next few years, thanks to the increased global adoption of smartphones that can be charged wirelessly and the easy availability of the accessories that can turn (almost) any mobile phone into one that can be charged wirelessly. The market is likely to be influenced majorly by the following factors:

Demand for systems than can offer an easier and faster in-car charging experience- 

Built-in USB charging ports in car are not new now. These systems come installed in several vehicles or can be easily installed. However, these solutions are not perfect as the charging process is cumbersome and slow oftentimes. As the consumer becomes more aware of the other available options that can make this process much faster and easier, the demand for wireless charging systems is rapidly rising.

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Rising number of car models that come fitted with wireless charging pad- 

The role of the overall automotive industry in driving the in-car wireless charging technology into mainstream adoption cannot be unappreciated. A large number of car models launched recently come installed with a wireless charging pad as either a factory option or a standard equipment. Over 100 models of cars from a number of manufacturers, including luxury as well as passenger vehicles, are allowing newer models of Windows and Android phones and some iPhone models to be readily charged with the help of in-car wireless chargers. 

iPhones that are not equipped with the wireless charging capability are made compatible with the help of an accessory that looks like a mobile back-cover, allowing the global in-car wireless charging market to cater to a larger set of smartphones. This trend will easily make the larger consumer more aware regarding the overall benefits of in-car wireless charging systems, leading to increased curiosity about the same. This is expected to have a promising impact on the market and will allow companies more profound growth opportunities in the next few years.

Some of the leading companies operating in the market are Power square, Samsung Electronics, Infineon, Hella, Powermat Technologies, Aircharge, Qualcomm Technologies, Apple, and Mojo Mobility.

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