Rising Environmental Concerns Supports Growth of Global Green Cement and Concrete Market

Published On : 06 Feb 2019

Global warming has been a topical issue across the world for more than a decade. The issue has gained center stage and many governments are introducing several programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and arrest climate change. Such factors are increasing significance for green materials. One such component that is becoming highly popular in the last few years is green cement and concrete.

The global green cement and concrete market has gained steady momentum in the last few years. Keeping in mind the positive factors supporting growth, the global green cement and concrete market is expected to grow in the coming years at a decent rate.

Green Architecture and Water Shortage Gaining Popularity is a Positive Sign

Green architecture is also called as sustainable architecture. It uses green methods to design and construct buildings intended to save energy and resources. For instance, using green cement and concrete, solar panels, water recycling plants, energy-saving electricals, waterless urinals, and sufficient amount of greenery in the premises are prime green methods. Such methods are expected to propel growth in the global green cement and concrete market in the near future.

Moreover, several non-governmental organizations are supporting companies that utilize green architecture. They also provide certifications to promote green architecture. Besides this, green cement and concrete consumes 20% less water than conventional cement and emit less carbon dioxide. Since water shortage is also becoming a growing concern, green cement will gain popularity. These motivating factors bode well with growth of the global green cement and concrete market.

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Rising Infrastructure and Development Projects to Fuel Growth

Most developing countries are at the cusp of evolution. With rapidly growing economies, developing nations are pumping higher amounts of money in development and infrastructure projects. At the same time, it mounts the pressure of contributing to pollution and global warming. In order to be internationally responsible, nations are adopting green construction measures. This will foster growth in the global green cement and concrete market.

At the same time, developed countries are also redesigning their existing buildings or demolishing aged constructions to replace them with modern architecture. This will also drive the demand for green materials, thus supporting growth in the global green cement and concrete market.

Questions over Sustainability Trouble Market Players

Technically, there is enough proof that green construction materials are considered sustainable. However, questions have surfaced over the longevity of such materials. Many architects and realtors take shortcuts to cut down construction time, thus weakening buildings. This demands constant repairing of buildings to bear other green and renewable materials in it. For instance, the installation of solar panels on the roof requires a stronger base. Poor construction techniques impact the strength of the building. This could dampen growth in the global green cement and concrete market.

However, several cement manufacturers across the globe are working on identifying green cement that not only improves strength, but also reduce time and cost for realtors. This is a relief for players in the global green cement and concrete market.

Environment Protection Law in the U.S. Builds Future Prospects

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency has implemented new laws to safeguard the environment and reduce pollution. Such efforts will have a positive effect over the global green cement and concrete market. North America is expected to be the leader in the global green cement and concrete market. Further, Asia Pacific will grow in the coming years as the number of infrastructure and development projects are rising in developing nations like India and China.

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