Global Foot Care Products Market 2016 Industry Growth, Demands, Analysis, Research, Development Trends and Forecasts

Published On : 05 May 2016 now carries a report that exclusively focuses on the global foot care products industry and the growth it is expected to achieve in 2016. The report, which is titled, ‘Global Foot Care Products Market 2016 Industry Research Report,’ has been made available under the retail category and is composed of 159 pages.

Although the demand for foot care products was limited to a few developed markets in the world until a few years ago, that scenario is changing rapidly. There is a growing demand for foot maintenance products that can help maintain better hygiene and aesthetics. The global foot care products market is a multibillion dollar industry already and it is expected that growth will be brisk in this space in 2016.

The global foot care products market is composed of numerous types of products. Broadly, these products can be segmented into creams and ointments that help inhibit fungal growth and warts. There are other types of powders that help keep moisture away. The market is also composed of creams that help moisturize the feet and keep dry, flaky skin in check. Foot maintenance products such as pumice stones from another small but briskly growing segment of the global foot care products industry. Other types of foot care and comfort products include heel lifts and insoles. All of these products can be broadly classified as non-medicated and medicated products.

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According to the report, women form the major consumer group in the foot care products industry. Among female consumers, there is a higher demand for products that can improve foot aesthetics. Among aging individuals, many of whom are from the Baby Boomers generation, there is a relatively high demand for foot care creams that can be applied overnight to treat cracks and dry heels. Sloughing scrubs and cleansers form yet another lucrative segment of the global foot care products industry.

The report takes into consideration all the latest trends and opportunities that exist in the global industry for foot care products. It applies these opportunities in the context of the current dynamics to tell market players which segments are worth investing in. By doing this, the report is able to serve as a veritable information source for companies that want to expand their existing portfolio of foot care products or those who wish to diversify into this exceedingly promising space.

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Over the coming years, the focus of companies operating in the global foot care products industry will be on product innovation. Products containing fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients will find favor with consumers.

Companies that are the most prominent players in the global foot care products industry include: Dr Foot, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis Consumer Health, Merck & Co Inc., Revlon Inc., W E Bassett Company Inc., and others.

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