Increasing Awareness about Therapeutic Benefits of Ginseng to Boost Market’s Growth

Published On : 18 Jan 2017

A new study on the global market for ginseng has been recently added to the repository of The research study, titled “Global Ginseng Market Research Report 2016,” presents a detailed assessment of the historical and the current performance of this market, taking the key trends, driving factors, limitations, and significant opportunities into consideration.

Over the past few years, the global market for ginseng has been witnessing a substantial rise in its size and is likely to witness continued growth in the near future. The increasing awareness about the therapeutic benefits of ginseng and its efficiency in treating cancer and inflammation and improving cognitive function among consumers is expected to boost its demand remarkably in the near future, states the research report.

In this research report, the global market for ginseng has been studied on the basis of product, application, and its regional spread. Based on the product, the market has been classified into Siberian ginseng, Brazilian ginseng, American ginseng, and red ginseng.

Application-wise, the report has classified the global ginseng market by the form of the dosage and by end user. By the dosage form, the market has been categorized into suppository, injection, lotion, capsule, and tablet. By end user, the market has been categorized into the cosmetic and skin care, pharma and healthcare, and food and feed additives industries in this study.

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Geographically, this market can be segmented into North America, Europe, South East Asia, China, India, and Japan. North America has acquired the leading position in the global market and is projected to retain it over the forthcoming years. The rising demand for dietary supplements containing ginseng is likely to drive the growth of the North America market for ginseng in the years to come. Europe is also anticipated to witness a healthy rise in the demand for ginseng, leading to a considerable development in its market, states the research report.

This 105-page study offers an unbiased analysis of the worldwide market for ginseng, taking a number of important market parameters, such as production capacity and volume, product pricing, demand and supply, sales volume, revenue generated, and the growth rate of this market is expanding into consideration. An in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape of this market has also been presented in this research study, which profiles the key participants in this market to determine their future prospects in order to identify the existing market hierarchy.

As per the market report, A. Vogel, KGEC, Raw Living Ltd., HiYoU, Amway, Elemis Ltd., The Boots Co. PLC, Inovital, Starwest Botanicals, Korean Ginseng Export Corp., and RFI Ingredients are the leading players in the global market for ginseng.


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