Wide-ranging Applications Drives Demand in FPGA in Telecom Market Worldwide

Published On : 11 May 2018

Field programmable gate arrays, popularly known as FPGA, are wonder devices that help people build their own digital circuits. With their prices coming down, now almost anyone can create one for themselves. The biggest USP of FPGA is that the design of the circuit is not set and hence one can reconfigure the FPGA as many times as one likes. It finds application in an array of verticals such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial, automotive, military and aerospace, test, measurement, and emulation, data center and computing, and healthcare. Of them telecommunication accounts for market share. Overall, the market for FPGA in telecom is expected to soar impressively in the next couple of years.

Pivotal Role Played by Telecommunications in Today’s Economies Stoke Market Growth

Telecommunications has become the backbone of economies these days. From commoners to business entities to governments, everyone is dependent on a robust communication to function properly, carry out their day-to-day tasks and grow. Telecommunications is comprised of both wireless and wired communications and mostly leverages 4G LTE nowadays. This coupled with the rise in the number of providers of infrastructure and operators of mobile networks is majorly boosting the market for FPGA for telecoms. This is because sophisticated FPGAs enable them to achieve greater speed of data, bandwidth, or download speed.

Focus on More Cutting-edge Technology Boosts Market As Well

Constant thrust on building better technologies is another crucial factor serving to boost the market. Savvy players are engaged in healthy competition on account of this. A recent development in this direction is PolarFire® field programmable gate array (FPGA) – a low-cost less power consuming mid-range product developed by Microsemi Corporation. It bagged an award for its super-evolved technology.

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Some of the FPGA in telecom market are antifuse programmed FPGA, SRAM programmed FPGA, and EEPROM programmed FPGA. They find major application in commercial and defense and aerospace sectors, among others. Of the two, defense and aerospace sector are majorly dependent on ingenious communication technology. Speedy and quality communication is imperative for their proper functioning and hence FPGA for telecom finds major usage in the two sectors.

Massive Manufacture of Automobiles Drives Asia Pacific Market 

Asia Pacific is a key region in the global market for FPGA in telecom. This is because of the surging manufacture of automobiles in the region and the rising installation of FPGAs in automobile applications. In fact, the market in the region is expected to soar at tremendous pace in the next couple of years. South Korea, Australia, and Japan are mainly serving to drive the Asia Pacific market due to their solid 4G LTE penetration rate which has created an advanced telecommunication market.

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