Expansion of Processed Food Industry boosts Food Grade Emulsifying Agents Market in Asia Pacific

Published On : 29 Jan 2019

The global food grade emulsifying agents market is anticipated to soar to new heights in the years ahead. The massive growth of the bakery and confectionery industry is a key factor fueling the food grade emulsifying agents market.

In recent years, rapid growth of the food & beverage industry in Asia Pacific has boosted the demand for food emulsifiers. Today, discerning consumers have clear preferences with respect to texture, quality, and taste of food. Food emulsifiers help to create smooth texture between constituents in food production. For example, oil and water do not mix until an emulsifying agent is used.

Food grade emulsifying agents are substances that can improve the surface tension between constituents in food production. Food grade emulsifying agents help to form a homogenous dispersion in the base medium. Food grade emulsifiers are manufactured either from plants or animals. Food grade emulsifiers are also manufactured synthetically.

Demand for Clean-label Food Ingredients boosts Production of Bio-based Emulsifiers in U.S.

Among the key regions, the U.S. is a key consumer of food grade emulsifying agents. A long established food processing industry to serve the high demand for processed food is boosting the food grade emulsifying agents market. In this region, high consumer awareness regarding constituents of food is stoking demand for novel food emulsifiers. To serve this, manufacturers are vying to develop new bio-based and natural food emulsifiers, which fulfills current trend of clean label requirements.

Europe is a key market for food grade emulsifying agents. Germany, France, and countries in Eastern Europe are anticipated to influence the growth of overall market. Rising foreign investments in the alcoholic beverage sector in countries in Eastern Europe, including Russia is likely to offer lucrative opportunities to the food grade emulsifying agents market.

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Grant of U.S. FDA Certification boosts Adoption of Stearoyl lactylate Emulsifiers

Mono, di-glycerides & derivatives emulsifier type display substantial demand in the food grade emulsifying agents market. These emulsifiers are glycerin-based fatty acid esters that help improve the surface activity for proper homogenization and stabilization. Dairy products and bakery items such as cakes, bread, and margarine are some key food items that use mono, di-glycerides & derivatives emulsifier.

The demand for stearoyl lactylate emulsifiers is pacing in the food grade emulsifying agents market. Stearoyl lactylates are used in a large of foods to enhance the texture. These emulsifiers have received U.S. FDA safety certification, thereby boosting the overall market.

Product innovation is a key trend that has come to the fore in the food grade emulsifying agents market. At present, demand for natural ingredient based foods is generally on the rise. Consumers prefer foods that are all-natural for health reasons. This has led to initiatives for the development of all-natural food emulsifiers. For example, key companies such as Riken Vitamin and Palsgaard A/S are investing heavily in R&D to develop novel emulsifiers, and to enhance the functional properties of existing products.

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