Rising Digitization across Enterprise Sector to Drive U.S. ERP Software Market

Published On : 26 Sep 2016

The U.S. ERP (enterprise resource planning) software market is the focus of analysis of a recent market research report added to the comprehensive portfolio of QYResearchReports.com. The report, titled “United States ERP Software Market Report 2021,” presents a thorough analytical overview of the key segments of the market. The report includes vast quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to past and present events and market segments.

The 103 page document gives an overview of the key factors that are expected to have a measurable impact on the future growth prospects of the U.S. ERP software market over the forecast period. As such, a detailed analytical account of the key drivers, restraints, trends, regulations, and major developments such as mergers and acquisitions in the U.S. ERP software market are analyzed at depth in the report.

Some of the key factors driving the increased adoption of ERP software in the U.S. include the rising digitization across small- and mid-sized enterprises in the country and the rising need for efficient and transparent operations in the highly competitive enterprise sector. The rising use of ERP software in the country’s defense sector is also a key driver of the market.

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The market for ERP software in the U.S. is the leading revenue contributor to the North America ERP software market, which itself is one of the most prominent regional ERP software markets in the world. The U.S. ERP software market gains a major share in its overall revenues owing to applications across sectors such as aerospace and defense, apparel and fashion, chemical, agriculture, construction, financial services, engineering, and financial services.

The report gives detailed analysis of the uptake of ERP software in each of these sectors individually. The market for ERP software in the U.S. is also analyzed on the basis of mode of deployment of ERP software, include on-premise and cloud. Of these, the affordability and flexibility of the cloud deployment mode has seen a significant rise in demand across numerous small- and mid-sized enterprises.

Owing to technological advancements in the field of cloud-based application deployment, the concerns regarding the safety and security of critical business data as it is accessed through cloud applications have significantly mellowed down. As a result, many large-scale enterprises are also increasingly availing cloud-based ERP software services. The trend is expected to have a significant impact on the overall development of the U.S. ERP software market in the next few years.

The report also includes a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape of the U.S. ERP software market with the help of business profiles and data regarding recent developments of the key vendors operating in the market. Some of the market’s most influential vendors are Microsoft, Kingdee Software, Cornerstone OnDemand, IBM, Digiwin Software, Oracle, SAP, and Sage.



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