Global Enterprise Mobility Software Market to Expand as Trend for Working Remotely takes Swing

Published On : 13 Aug 2018

The demand within the global market for enterprise mobility software has been escalating with changes in the work culture and framework of sophisticated businesses. Enterprise mobility refers to the flexibility offered by businesses to its employees wherein the latter can work remotely from across the world. Mobile applications, software, cloud services, and other internet-enabled tools have helped in facilitating enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility software includes a pool of corporate data and enterprise applications that are encapsulated in a mobile device or smart phone. Due to the sheer convenience offered to the employees through enterprise mobility software, the demand for the latter has been increasing at a starry rate. Furthermore, several businesses have found that enterprise mobility software has helped in improving the quality of work delivered by the employees. Several factors including less psychological strain, congenial working environment, and wilful employment could be behind this trend of improved employee productivity through enterprise mobility. 

QYResearchReports, in this article, analyses the key forces that have contributed to the growth of the global market for enterprise mobility software. Several industries use enterprise mobility software to facilitate hassle-free connectivity with the employees who work remotely. Hence, the article sheds light on multiple industries that have contributed to the overall demand within the global market for enterprise mobility software. 

1. Employee Welfare Schemes

As a part of the employee welfare scheme of industries, employees with permanent or temporary disabilities are entitled to get the privilege of working remotely. Hence, to cater to the employee welfare schemes, organizations and businesses have begun using enterprise mobility software within their framework. Furthermore, the demand for enterprise mobility software has also risen because it allows businesses to recruit employees from across borders and enhance the employee mix. The government has also been focusing on grating special employment privileges to women on maternity, disabled persons, and employees suffering from chronic diseases. This has also led to an expansion of the global market for enterprise mobility software. 

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2. North America holds Dominant Market Share

The US and Canada are two countries that have been steadfast in recruiting foreign talents to bring in valuable human resource. Since a number of employees prefer working from their native locations, the demand for enterprise mobility software has risen by leaps and bounds across North America. Furthermore, the creative industry including writers, photographers, designers, and artists has been booming in the US. Since most creative persons have the option of working remotely, the demand for enterprise mobility software across North America is expected to soar higher in the coming years. 

3. Key Market Players

The key players in the global mobility software market have been investing in improving their cloud services as well mobile application services. This has helped them in retaining a permanent base of consumers from across the globe. The key players include Apple, Cisco, Symantec, VMware, and Atos. 

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