Rising Instances of Soft Tissue Cancers Driving Global Energy-based Ablation Devices Market

Published On : 26 Oct 2018

Ablation devices provide a minimally invasive alternative to the conventional surgical treatment of liver, kidney, lung cancer, and others. The segment is growing quickly owing the surging popularity of minimally invasive treatments and growing instances of soft tissue cancers.

The different types of energy sources used in the global energy-based ablation devices market are light, electrical, radiation, ultrasound, and radiofrequency, and others. Among them, the segment of radiofrequency ablation is mainly driving demand in the global energy-based ablation devices market.

Energy-based ablation devices are minimally invasive like most others. They bring lesser incisions, swifter recovery and hence are also cost effective. This has been driving demand big time. Another reason why the market has been growing is because of the surging cancer cases worldwide. This is mainly because of changes in lifestyle and eating habits of people. Especially when it comes to soft tissue sarcoma, where a lot of bleeding can occur, energy-based ablation devices are particularly useful.

What are the different trends in the global energy-based ablation devices market?

Going forward, the extended applications of the energy-based ablation devices is expected to push up its market further. The cryogenic energy based ablation devices, for example, will see maximum sales. This is because of the increasing usage of cryotherapy in cancer therapy and aesthetic procedures. Cryotherapy leverages extreme cold to eliminate cancer cells. It is also referred to as cryoablation and cryotherapy. It is also known as localized treatment where only the exact area affected by the malady is affected.

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The radiation energy based devices too are seeing surging demand in the global energy-based ablation devices. Besides, there is a renewed focus of microwave ablation for treating cancer. The energy-based ablation devices of the future are predicted to use thermal plasma. 

The different types of surgeries in the global energy-based devices market general surgery, ophthalmic surgery, cardiovascular disease, cancer therapy, and others.

Why is North America market leading in terms of revenue generation?

From a geographical standpoint, North America at present holds a leading share in the global energy-based ablation devices market. This is because of the superior healthcare infrastructure in the region wherein latest, sophisticated equipment are used. Europe is another prominent region because of the presence of many state-of-the-art healthcare institutes in the region. Growing instances of cancer in Europe and North America are also having a positive impact on their markets.

Why Asia Pacific energy-based ablation devices market seems to be spelling promise?

Going forward, Asia Pacific is predicted to emerge as a promising energy-based ablation devices market. This is because of the bettering healthcare infrastructure in the region, particularly in the highly populous and developing economies of India and China. Besides, Japan is also an important contributor to the region’s market. 

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