Demand for Electrosurgical Generator Accelerating as Popularity of Cosmetic and Bariatric Surgeries Increase

Published On : 26 Apr 2018

Electrosurgery refers to the use of high frequency electric current for cutting the tissues during a surgery with high accuracy along with minimal loss of blood and low chances of injury to the tissues nearby. The use of electrosurgery generator is made for producing such high frequency electric current. Electrosurgery is gaining adoption since it is less invasive, the patient can recover quickly , as well as the chances of any infections are less. Plus, because of the growth in technology of electrosurgery,  the in-depth analysis carried out by experts as well as the growing expenditure by the government on healthcare throughout the globe is predicted to ensure a definite growth of this market in the decade to come.

Rising Medical Tourism In Developing Nations Boosting Demand for Electrosurgical Generators 

The main factors that are driving the growth of this market globally are the growing geriatric population, more number of cosmetic as well as bariatric surgeries, the quick advancement in the technology of electrosurgery, along with the increased expenditure of the government on the healthcare department all over the world. Plus, the continuously growing popularity of medical tourism in developing countries like India, Malaysia and China, where the surgeries cost less, is also predicted to ultimately result in the growth of the electrosurgery generator market in the countries. Apart from this, in the developed economies like the Europe and North America, where the healthcare sector is advanced, which ultimately results in more number of surgeries, meaning that there will be a continuous need for electrosurgery generations in the coming decade.

Product Recalls and Adoption of Other Surgical Techniques Deterring Market’s Growth

Growth in the adoption of other surgical techniques, fierce competition, high existence of product recall are a few of the factors that hamper the growth this market. Also, in the highly profitable market of North America, there is a tendency of purchasing electrosurgery generators in large quantities that results in pricing related burden on the manufacturers as well as distributors and that acts as a hurdle in the growth of this market.

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North America Leading In Market for Electrosurgery Generators, Driven by High Number of Growing Number of Cosmetic Surgeries 

North America has the biggest share of electrosurgery generator in the market and Europe is second in the list. The chief factor behind this is the growth in the surgeries being performed here along with growth in the number of bariatric as well as cosmetic surgeries.

Plus, because of the big improvements that have come in the market of electrosurgery because of investments in in-depth analysis and research , has also lead to the rise of electrosurgery here. Despite of this, it is Asia Pacific which will be the best growing market for electrosurgery generators. A rise in affluence in most of the countries of the Asia Pacific, along with large unfulfilled demand, as well as the increased investments in the healthcare sector is predicted to create a huge need for electrosurgery generators.

Names of the leading players within the market are: 

Medtronic, B. Braun (Aesculap), J &J (DePuy & Ethicon), ConMed, LED SPA, Olympus, ERBE, Cooper Surgical, Karl Storz, AtriCure, KLS Martin, Utah Medical, Soering, Bovie, Eschmann, Ellman, Meyer-Haake, IBBAB, Bowa, Lamidey, Union Medical, Shanghai Hutong, Beijing Beilin, and KINDY ELECTRONIC. 

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