Product Efficiency Leads to Uptake in Global Electric Traction Systems Market

Published On : 15 Nov 2018

A traction system is one which provides propulsive force to vehicles. When the traction power is provided by electricity, it is called an electric traction system. Other forms of traction systems are diesel and steam traction systems. However, the electric traction system is far more efficient than the non-electric ones. This is because it offers a quicker start and stop. It is also does not cause pollution and is easy to control. This is one of the main reasons why sales are rising in the global electric traction system market. 

Proliferation of Urban Railways and Metros Props up Demand for Electric Traction Systems Market

The demand and revenue in the global electric traction systems market has grown over the years because of the rising urbanization and advancement of passenger railcars. The increasing number of electric locomotives too have boosted the market. Demand for coaches that are air conditioned has been another major catalyst for the global electric traction systems market. Going forward, progress in railway and metro connectivity, alongside proliferation of rail-based transports is expected to keep the market on a steady growth trajectory. Apart from that, continued progress electrical drives for traction systems used in metro or suburban railways will also likely positive impact the market.

Electric Traction Motors Witnessing Maximum Sales in Market Owing to their Wide Ranging Applications

The various types of components that form the electric traction systems are electric traction transformer, electric traction generator, electric traction motor, electric traction convertors, electric traction inverter, and others. Of them, the electric traction motors currently are seeing most of the sales and thus account for a considerable share in the global electric traction systems market. This is because they are a crucial component of electric traction systems and find usage in a wide variety of applications. For example, they are the main driver of all railway vehicles. This also explains their large share in the market. However, going forward, electric traction motors may see some of their share go down.

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Asia Pacific, Driven by India, China, Lead Global Electric Traction Systems Market

Asia Pacific currently holds a leading share in the global electric traction systems market. The region is mainly powered by India and China. This is because of the massive thrust on expanding the transportation network in the two developing nations with large population. This includes work on high speed bullet trains, metro rails, railway connections, and hybrid electric vehicles. In the years ahead, soaring demand for industrial and narrow gauge railways such as diesel-electric, electric locomotives, and hybrid would continue pushing up demand in the Asia Pacific market for electric traction systems.

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