Rising Awareness Regarding Vast Benefits of Recycling to Drive Global E-waste Management Market

Published On : 08 Aug 2018

The global e-waste recycling industry is expected to see significant growth in the future due to the expected rise in government rules and regulations, rapid industrialization and rising awareness about the harms of e-waste on the environment. Rising awareness about the huge benefits of recycling e-waste, not only in terms of its effects on the environment, but also in terms of the precious and special metals derived from it would help the industry attain significant growth.

Despite the numerous benefits of e-waste recycling the lack factors such as a proper infrastructure, regulatory measures and awareness could hamper the growth of this industry to some extent. In addition to the lack of awareness amongst the end-users about the enormous benefits of recycling e-waste, the lack of an incentive policy is also restricting consumers from getting directly involved in the recycling process. This could also have a restraining effect on the market.

Computers Continue to be Most Recycled E-waste Variety

Product wise, the largest component to have been recycled presently is that of computers. This segment is estimated to also maintain its leading share in this market during the forecast period. The reasons cited for its dominance include the rapid development of microchip technologies and reduction in the average life of computers. Many leading computer manufacturers are also jumping in the e-waste recycling market by undertaking numerous take-back campaigns.

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Material wise, Steel is presently the metal that is recycled in the most quantities from e-wastes. Recycling e-wastes to produce steel is beneficiary in many ways as steel has numerous used in many electronic equipment and re-using greatly reduces the base-cost of production. Fluctuations in the cost of mined steel are also a major issue why most industries consider recycled steel as a good source of raw material for most production purposes. Also, recycled steel is much cheaper than mined steel. It is estimated that recycled steel accounts for a large share of the overall revenue of the global e-waste recycling market and is likely to remain one of the leading metals to be recycled from e-waste over the next few years as well.

Europe to Present Promising Growth Opportunities

Geographically, Europe currently dominates the e-waste recycling market. This can be contributed to the region’s stringent rules regarding the recovery of waste electronics. In North America as well, around 65% of the region’s residents are governed by strict e-waste recovery regulations.  In the US, though no government-laid rules govern the recovery and recycling of e-waste, several states in the country have sanctioned rules that manage statewide e-waste recycling.

The e-waste recycling market in countries from the emerging world, including Taiwan, China, India, Korea is expected to show signs of maturity in the coming times owing  to the abundant availability of e-waste and cheap labor in these regions.

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