Global e-Paper Market Gaining from Widespread Reach of Internet and Paperless Bandwagon

Published On : 21 Nov 2016 announces the addition of a new research study, titled “Global e-Paper Sales Market Report 2016.” The 127-page report focuses on providing a comprehensive analysis of the emerging market for e-paper, evaluating all the favorable as well as restraining factors that may impact the market for the same during the forecast period of 2016–2021. 

The easy availability of e-paper and its ease in handling has played a pivotal role in the emergence of e-paper. Technological advancements have led to the production of smartphones, e-books, digital signage, and various other display gadgets. With these devices, consumers can now get their e-paper daily, and instantly. Enhanced features such as low power consumption, sunlight readability, and the option to read on the move has further fueled the sales of e-paper. There has been a clear increase in the sales of e-paper displays by designers of consumer electronic devices and several innovative e-paper technologies are under various R&D phase, which is expected to enhance user experience and concurrently drive sales.

The widespread penetration of the internet is opening new sales avenues in the global market for e-paper. Moreover, rising awareness to conserve the environment by reducing the use of paper is another factor that is encouraging paperless operations in corporate offices and other institutes. Additionally, unique file formats that aid in reading and securely sharing documents are encouraging other sectors to shift from traditional processes to e-paper.

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A detailed qualitative analysis of all these factors expected to impact the global market for e-paper in the near future have been analyzed in the report. The overview section of the report also includes a market attractiveness analysis, which covers a thorough assessment of the overall competitive scenario in the market.

Based on technology, the global market for e-paper can be segmented into electrophoretic, electrowetting, cholesteric LCD, electrochromic, and others. Based on geography, this report studies the sales (consumption) of e-paper in the region of Europe and country-wise markets in the U.S., China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The report provides details on the current status as well as future prospects of all these countries and includes data from 2011 right up to 2021. It also explores the latest price trends, global market size in terms of value and value, and growth prospects for the period of 2011–2021.

The business strategies currently being adopted by the key players, their position in the market, types of products, manufacturing base, competitors, sales, product price, revenue, gross margin, and production capacity have also been identified in the research report. The prominent players in the e-paper market that have been profiled in this report include E Ink, OED Technologies, Qualcomm, Liquavista, Plastic Logic, Pervasive Dislays, LG Display, Gamma Dynamics, adt AG, and ITRI. 

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