Rising Demand for Efficient Online Purchasing Boosts Growth in the E Commerce Logistics Market

Published On : 07 Dec 2018

Purchasing and shopping experiences have changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. This is mainly due to the advent of fast internet services which further brought e-commerce into the picture. As buying products online helps save the customers’ time, money, and effort, which otherwise are factors largely applicable when the same products are brought from shops. Due to this, a widespread need for regulating online product purchase and transactions is felt, thereby constituting a distinct e-commerce logistics market from a global perspective.

A surge in use of smartphones, laptops, computers, and other such devices is primarily driving growth in the global e-commerce logistics market. Rapidly increasing digitization and its adoption in myriad shopping applications is also making the global e-commerce logistics market progress at a rapid pace. Such a rise is mainly being witnessed due to a preference of consumers to buy commodities, goods, and other day-to-day required items online instead of going into a shop.

In addition, many companies offer discounts, coupons, and other such services, thereby reducing costs of the same product available at a retail store. Such advantages associated with online shopping and online purchasing too is majorly driving growth in the global e-commerce logistics market. Encouraging nods from governments as well as rapid strides taken by several players to raise up funding for improving their presence in the e-commerce industry in enabling positive development in this sector.

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Europe and North America Holds Leading Position Owing to Quality Banking Processes

This market is mainly spread across North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Europe from a regional perspective. Large-scale adoption of online shopping coupled with widespread focus on bringing forth innovations to e-commerce platforms in North America is majorly causing growth of the market in the region. Furthermore, the increasing use of e-commerce services in countries such as the US and Canada, is driving the growth of the market in the North American region too.

Moreover, with the availability of excellent online shopping services in European regions, the global e-commerce logistics market is witnessing extensive growth over here. In addition, increasing demand for quick and efficient online shopping experience in Asia Pacific thanks to improving quality of living also has made the market portray a distinct presence in this region.

The global e-commerce logistics market depicts the presence of a highly fragmented market. Such a diverse scenario mainly exists due to the presence of innumerable small, medium, and large-scale players in this industry. In such a distributed vendor landscape, most prominent businesses are pouring large investments to facilitate research and development-based activities for their platforms. The companies are also developing new e-commerce based shopping solutions to enhance their client retention. Aramex, Australia Post, Blue Dart, Clipper Logistics, Deutsche Post, Ecom Express, Express Logistics, FedEx, and Japan Post, are key players operating in the global e commerce logistics market.

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