Regions with Unreliable Grid Infrastructure to See Increased Demand for Distributed Generation and Energy Storage in Telecom Networks

Published On : 05 Dec 2016

A recent market research report added to the vast research report portfolio of analyzes the global market for distributed generation and energy storage in telecom networks. The report is titled “Global Distributed Generation and Energy Storage in Telecom Networks Sales Market Report 2016.”

The vast expansion of telecommunication networks across the globe and the resultant rise in its density and geographical range have made the telecommunications industry one of the key consumers of power across the globe. Also, much of the power consumed by the industry is in the form of electricity. To reduce the dependence on electricity owing to environment, grid uncertainty, and cost concerns, telecom companies are increasingly adopting the principle of distributed generation.

By producing the required electricity at the site, distributed generation allows telecom companies to avoid facing the brunt of expensive retail electricity and unreliable grids. Additionally, the use of distributed generation and backup storage systems allow network companies to power sites that were previously left out due to unavailability of grid network in a certain vicinity.

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The demand for energy storage solutions is also rising at a promising pace across the telecom industry. Owing to the highly competitive nature of the telecom industry, the availability of several service providers, and low cost of switching to other providers have made the consumer extremely picky. Concerns such as power outages and interrupted services can cost a telecom operator a sizeable number of lost consumers.

Owing to this, the telecom industry is increasingly adopting new and more efficient power storage technologies. The rate of switching from on-grid to off-grid operations is especially high in the telecom industry across emerging economies such as Asia Pacific. The issue of continuous outages and unreliable grid infrastructure across emerging countries in the region are compelling telecom companies to increase the number of off-grid towers. In the next few years, the market for distributed generation and energy storage in telecom networks is expected to exhibit significant growth across Asia Pacific and other key developing regions.

As such, the global spending on these solutions will considerably rise in the next few years. The report gives a detailed overview of the key factors that will drive or restrain the market over the forecast period. A detailed overview of the regulatory and competitive landscape of the market and their potential impact on market’s development is also included in the report.

The report gives a detailed overview of the vendor landscape of the market wherein detailed business profiles of some of the key vendors in the market are discussed. Companies profiled in the report include Cummins, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Trojan Battery, Urban Green Energy, NEC Energy Solutions, Flexenclosure, and Saft.

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