Global Direct Drive Wind Turbine Sales Market to Gain a Significant Boost Due to Increasing Power Needs

Published On : 04 Jan 2018

Global direct drive wind turbine sales market is essentially a propeller of the power industry and enhances the ability of various regions in attaining the threshold of its power requirements. The market for direct drive wind turbine has been on a rise in recent times due to its ability to generate power in a scenario of diminishing natural resources to generate power. A report by QYReserachReports sheds light on the interplay of various market standpoints that decide the fate of the market. The researchers of the report have engaged in core analysis of historic, contemporary and projected trends which has given them a yardstick to gauge the progress of the market. Moreover, the estimated growth rate or the CAGR has also been outlined in the report over the forecast period. The report titled, “Global Direct Drive Wind Turbine Sales Market Report 2017” could act as a dipstick for the market players to gauge the potential of the market. The researchers at QY research reports have employed pragmatic techniques to ensure that the analysis synchronizes with the real-time functioning of the market. 

The generation of electricity goes across a stretched channel that includes various processes and often results in wastage of resources. In this scenario, the direct drive wind turbines come in handy towards the generation of power that could be used for electric uses across households, factories, and other units. The demand for power has been rising and the non-renewable sources of energy are on the brink of running out, which places a toll upon various stakeholders and governments to have a renewable source of energy. This drives the growth of the market for direct drive wind turbine, which is an important avenue to produce power and requires less distribution hassles. The economic development of nations majorly rests in its ability to sustain power sources and a lack of electricity hampers the overall progress of the economy. This has persuaded a number of regions to think along the lines of generating power through direct drive wind turbines, giving a boost to its market. Moreover, the encouragement by governments towards the use of such turbines could prolifically expand the market. 

Although, the prospects of the industry show an optimistic picture, the market is not free from restrains. The high infrastructural costs incurred during the implementation of these turbines discourages a number of regions from resorting to it. The developing and under-developed economies are often the victim of unawareness and paucity of funds to maintain these systems. Despite these threats, the power industry is expected to keep growing in value and in magnitude, which would in turn bolster the global direct drive wind turbine market. 

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The report scrutinizes the geographical outlay of the market and presents vital information about the viability of the market across various regions. Moreover, the key factors that bolster or inhibit 
progress in each of the segmented regions has also been outlined in the report. The various geographical regions encompassed in the report are United States, India, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan. Each of these regions have differential fettles impacting the market’s prospects. 

The various market players are expected to involve in core research and development to outdo competition. Moreover, mergers and acquisitions could act as a vital strategy to allow players to expand their reach. Strategic pricing and partnerships are also expected to be an important characteristic of the market. The contemporary market players include Goldwind Science & Technology Co (China),Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group (China),Emergya Wind Technologies B.V. (The Netherlands),American Superconductor Corporation (U.S.),Windtronics LLC (U.S.),Siemens AG (Germany),VENSYS Energy AG (Germany),ENERCON GmbH (Germany),GE Renewable Energy (U.S.),and Leitwind AG (Italy).

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