Direct Attached Storage (DAS) System gaining Popularity for meeting Needs of Dedicated Storage for Small Enterprises

Published On : 28 Sep 2018

The direct-attached storage (DAS) system gained popularity over the past few years as an efficient and simple data storage systems. The popularity has been largely fueled by the growing worldwide trend of virtualization of IT resources in recent years. The deployment has risen in businesses with limited servers/hosts and workstations where dedicated storage systems would suffice. DAS is characterized by storage systems that are typically not networked and hence shows no association with network-attached storage (NAS) devices and storage area networks (SANs). DAS has been popularized as secondary storage in single computers or workstations in the form of HDDs and SSDs.

The aforementioned trends and developments are likely to create abundant opportunities in the direct-attached storage market. According to an assessment by, the global direct-attached storage market is expected to tread on a path of exciting trajectory during the period of 2018–2025. 

Factors that stoked Popularity of DAS among Enterprises

The demand for DAS suffered in the wake of large-scale adoption of network-attached storage drives among big enterprises in several end-use industries all over the world. However, the benefits of marked scalability and simplicity that DAS offers, has brought the technology to the forefront of small- and medium- scale enterprises (SMEs) for serving their dedicated data needs. The growing number of applications that require high-performance compute and storage resources among businesses with relatively limited budgets is a key factor stoking the demand for DAS. 

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The ease of simplicity of setting the DAS environment and that of its use for end users is a discerning factor propelling the growth of the market. These aside, DAS is more cost-effective than NAS and most of the booting of physical servers that occurs utilize DAS. The presence of several protocols is also underpinning the popularity of DAS environments. 

Mainstreaming of Data Virtualization create Abundant Opportunities 

The increasing mainstreaming of virtualization has been bolstering the deployment of DAS in a number of end-use industries. The application of DAS has been typically been associated with increasing the latency of networks, as opposed to network-attached storage drives. 

The advent of new logical device interfaces for DAS and advanced chipsets is expected to create new, exciting avenues in the market. The rising demand for DAS with higher terabytes of space in several government and commercial sectors is reinforcing the steady expansion of the market. 

Several manufacturers and developers are focused on offering DAS for meeting various dedicated and critical data storage needs of their end users.  The products are also integrated with modern encryption capabilities to up the security substantially. Some of the top players vying for a prominent position in the direct-storage system market are Contegix, Intel Corporation, Seagate Technology, Dell, Huawei, and Lenovo. 

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