Rise in Prevalence of Infectious Diseases Leads To Bolster the Growth of the Global Diagnostics PCR Sales Market

Published On : 21 Aug 2018

Technological advancements in molecular methods have changed the outlook of characterization and detection of microorganisms in medical diagnostic fields, which consists of mycology, virology, microbiology, dentistry, and parasitology. Amongst these technique, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) has provided various benefits and also allowed scientific advancements. 

Polymerase Chain reaction diagnostics is known to be used in various life science field like molecular biology research, genetics, drug discovery, clinical diagnostics, and drug discovery. The diagnosis can be used for diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, Lyme diseases, and middle ear infections. 

One of the main factor which is bolstering the growth of PCR diagnosis sales market is the rise in growth of geriatric population all across the world. Geriatric population generally have low immunity systems and thus become vulnerable to various diseases. These days, rise in prevalence of infectious diseases is blaring high, driving more people to go for PCR diagnosis. Rise in number of centers and diagnostic center is pushing the market to grow as with the help of government, rural people have also got access to such diagnosis, as they are generally placed in government hospital. One of the major leading factor which driving the PCR diagnosis market is the technological advancement in the field, which has gained the trust among doctors and patients, as the result in most cases turn out to be accurate. Rise in awareness among consumers regarding diseases has surged the sales market for PCR diagnostics. 

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Rise in inflow of fund for research and development in this technology is predicted to play a significant role in the growth of the PCR diagnostics market. Presence of untapped market in developing countries is also anticipated to cause a positive impact on the growth of the market. 

Applications of PCR diagnostics market 

Advanced level or research and development accompanied with technological advancements has made PCR diagnostics market in various medical fields such as 

• In virology, the detection of the molecular through these process helps in understanding the characteristics of the virus, thus it provides a better treatment, avoiding expensive and unnecessary medical costs. This provides better knowledge regarding behavior of the virus.

• In parasitology and mycology, PCR diagnostics helps in early detection of microorganisms such as parasites and fungi, thus helping to better understand them. This process helps in decision making regarding treatment associated to the disease based on the effect of these microorganisms.

• In microbiology, genotyping helps in studying the bacteria like mycobacterium tuberculosis. This is regarded as one of the important application, as identification of such bacteria helps to take treatment at an early stage.

• In dentistry, the diagnosis helps in improving the knowledge regarding the diagnosis of infectious agents which results in maxillofacial infections. These infections leads to periodontal disease, oral cancer, and endodontic infections.

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