Rising Disease Management Awareness through Healthy Diet Stokes Diabetic Food Sales Globally

Published On : 02 Jan 2017

QYResearchReports.com has added a new market intelligence report to its repository, titled “Global Diabetic Food Sales Market Report 2016.” The report offers a detailed analysis of the historical growth trajectory, current scenario, and future prospects of the market along with the prevalent trends. The global diabetic food market is slated to reach a value of US$11.1 bn by 2020.

In today’s fast paced world, chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity are on the rise, affecting the young and the old. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes will be the seventh-leading cause of death by 2030. It also states that there were a staggering 422 mn diabetics in the world in 2014. Diabetes is one of the main causes of heart attacks, blindness, kidney failure, stroke, and lower limb amputation. It can, however, be prevented or delayed with proper diet and physical activity and thwarting unnecessary weight gain. This, along with the growing awareness about proper disease management methods among discerning consumers, has fuelled an uptick in the global sales of diabetic food. Such products are formulated using sugar substitutes and hence have a reduced amount of calories.

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Another factor aiding the growth in the market is the efforts of manufacturers to widen their distribution channels for reaching out to consumers in far-flung regions of the world. The report on global diabetic food sales market provides a detailed overview of diabetic food and its scope at the very outset. It then classifies the products into three categories and goes on to the study the unique properties, sales and revenues, market share, and future prospects of each category. Application-wise too, it segments the market into three and studies the overall value and potential of each segment.

The report also divides the market based on geography into the key regions of the U.S., China, Japan, and Europe. Among them, the U.S. is one of the leading markets on account of the increasing prevalence of obesity not just among adults, but also among kids due to over-consumption of fast food. This has led to high instances of the chronic disease in the country, thereby bolstering the sales of diabetic food. Growing health awareness among individuals has further stoked demand for low-calorie diabetic food in the market. Going forward too, the U.S. market is predicted to clock exponential growth.

In Europe, the U.K. and Germany are at the forefront of generating demand for diabetic food because of a burgeoning geriatric population requiring healthy food. China and Japan are prominent markets in Asia. A swift pace of economic development and increasing westernization have resulted in a robust uptake of convenience foods with health benefits in the two countries. Having presented a detailed assessment of the various market segments, the report goes on to furnish information on the market shares, key strategies, and product portfolio of the leading companies. Some of the leading players in the market that find a mention in the report are MARS, Nestle, Danone, Kraft Foods, Max Foods, Cargill, Hershey, PepsiCo, Unilever, and Pillsbury.


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