Dental Implants to witness Better Surgical Outcome with Advances in Diagnostic Imaging Techniques

Published On : 07 Aug 2018

Dental implants have unarguably emerged as a popular treatment for tooth loss in global population of all ages. Their use to rehabilitate the loss of teeth, especially in adult populations, has rapidly risen in popularity over the past three decades. They have harbored new, exciting technological developments in the arena of dentistry. These are fixtures placed in the jawbone of the patient and are akin to artificial tooth roots providing a support base for various dental prosthesis, notably crowns, for replacing missing tooth. The global market for dental implants has benefitted considerably from ceaseless advancements in techniques, materials, and imaging technologies used in implantation. Relentless research in bioactive dental surface modification with the help of various growth factors and materials seek to constantly expand the potential of the market. 

A report by QYResearchReports. shedding light on growth dynamics and prospects of the global dental implants market projects a panoply of exciting avenues in the offing, increasingly supported by aforementioned trends. 

What makes dental implants metamorphose into such a massive industry? 

• Burgeoning Demand attributed to Safety and Better Clinical Results 

The rising prevalence of tooth loss due to periodontitis and several other gum infections has been responsible for expanding patient base. Apart from this, the rising incidence of tooth loss due to severe trauma, developmental defects, genetic disorders, and dental caries, is also fueling the demand for dental implants world over. The procedures have high success rate and marked predictability. Moreover, the rapidly rising aging population has accentuated the instances of tooth loss, bolstering the demand. Furthermore, the rapid strides that cosmetic dentistry has made in recent years has also opened large lucrative prospects. The rising demand for dental implants in digital smile dentistry is a case in point. 

• Modification in Implant Surfaces enhance Clinical Outcome 

Industry efforts to bring advancement in implant surfaces by modifying them have led to better osseointegration results. Animal studies have proliferated in recent years expanding our understanding of implant surface modifications, especially shedding light on the prospect of biomolecular coatings. 

• Advances in Imaging Modalities for Dental Implant Therapy open New Frontiers 

The role occupied by imaging modalities in the success of dental implant procedures is a key determinant of the dynamics of the market. In recent years, substantial advancements have been made in this regard. The application of techniques such as computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) and cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) for diagnostic imaging for dental implant therapy is a case in point. In particular, the advent of CAD-CAM has helped dentists and periodontists develop more effective customized designs, mainly because 3D printing enables the design of custom design implants. 

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Challenges Remain

Various imaging modalities are gaining traction across patient populations as they promise to be safer, make dental implant procedures more affordable, and are comfortable with different anatomy of patients. Rapid advancements in these technologies will end up find a balance between these attributes, leading to better clinical outcomes in the surgical placement of dental implants. 

However, the market hasn’t witnessed sufficient clinical trials and predictive studies on testing the efficacy of these imaging modalities in larger populations. Furthermore, more efforts are needed to reduce the complications that may arise out of the use of new developed implants. These concerns will be allayed by the use of better techniques and modern surgical instruments.

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