Global DAW Software Sales for Smartphones Poised to Enter High-growth Phase by 2021, finds report

Published On : 03 Oct 2016

The global sales of digital audio workstation software are being increasingly defined by how much innovation manufacturers are able to bring to their products. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) estimates that global recorded music sales notched the US$15-bn mark in 2015. With revenues from digital channels growing, it is estimated that the global demand for digital audio software (DAW) will show a concurrent increase. These and other trends are captured in a new report that is now available on the website of The report is titled, ‘Global DAW Software Sales Market Report 2021.’ 

The sheer ubiquity of DAW software in the media and entertainment industry will pave the way for the growth of this market. DAWs are used extensively in the radio and television industry, in the production of podcasts and multimedia, and in the music industry. In short, the use of DAW is needed in any situation that demands the processing of complex audio recordings. This in turn has created a massive scope for the use of DAW software. The evolution of digital audio workstations, as well as DAW software, has been remarkable in the past few years. With the growing use of sophisticated instruments and devices in the music recording industry, the authors of the report state that DAW software vendors will have to keep reinventing their products. 

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The computer on which DAW software is installed hosts the soundcard. The software, on the other hand, creates an interface and allows editing, mixing, and processing to take place. The role of DAW software is also important in that it helps control the functions of connected hardware. Thus, anytime that a user needs to record, edit, or playback audio, the DAW software comes into play. As stated earlier, it is this ubiquity of DAW software that will keep its sales steady in the coming years. However, higher revenue growth can only be achieved by players by bringing feature-rich products to the market.

The still-emergent but potentially disruptive trend of smartphone-based DAW software is expected to infuse greater innovation in the global DAW software market. The report explores this particular trend in detail and lists the companies that have taken a lead in introducing DAW for smartphones. By following the strategies implemented by leading companies in this space, new entrants in this space can create a solid plan for growth. 

This report meticulously analyzes the key applications, end-users, and regional markets for DAW software sales. All analysis presented in the report is supplemented by an array of figures, charts, and tables. 



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