Proliferating Data from Smart Devices and Social Media Power Growth in Global Data Base Management Systems Market

Published On : 14 Nov 2016

The report featured on QYResearchReports, titled “Global Data Base Management Systems Market Research Report 2016” offers a 360-degree view of the market after extensive research. It provides figures on current revenue and sales. It also segments the market by type, application, and region and studies each segment in details. 

A data base management system (DBMS) is a specialized software package that stores, modifies, and manages an organization’s data so that it can be made available to different applications programs. The proliferation of data at a breakneck speed on account of high penetration of mobile devices and the growing internet consumption across the world have necessitated solutions for streamlining of data processing and its management across various sectors, leading to the development of data base management systems. 

The report outlines the evolution of data base management systems and chronicles major technological innovations in the domain that have or are likely to impact the market dramatically. It segments the market for DBMS based on region into Europe, North America, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea and studies their current landscape and growth opportunities. It also presents a comparative analysis by throwing light on their current market share based on revenue. It further discusses their exports, imports, consumption, and production. 

Using similar techniques, the report studies the various market segments by application and types. Based on these criteria, the report divides the market into three parts and discusses the price trends, market share, and growth projection for each. 

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Some of the major factors boosting the DBMS market are novel formats of data emerging out of connected devices such as smart devices. They have upped the demand for specialized DBMS solutions having innovative technologies to manage diverse data sets. Further, the explosive popularity of social media and personal smart devices, which has led to the massive growth of social and business related data, has also driven the DBMS market. 

The report discusses the manufacturing costs by factoring in the price and availability of raw materials, key suppliers, labor costs, and other manufacturing expenses. It also studies the industrial chain and sourcing strategies. Further, it analyses the direct and indirect marketing channels; marketing channel development trends, including target clients and distributors and traders; technological progress in related industries; the threat of substitutes; and the effects of economic and political climate change.

The market for DBMS is a highly competitive one and has seen many new vendors foraying into the domain with diverse products offerings to supplement the dedicated applications demanded from organizations in different sectors. With cloud computing and hosting getting immensely popular, the vendors are increasingly leveraging those in their DBMS solutions in order to improve customer satisfaction. 

The report peruses the various business strategies, key product offerings, pricing strategy, sales, revenue, and various historical data to understand the competitive dynamics in the market. Some such top-notch companies that find a mention in the report are IBM, Sybase, Oracle, and Microsoft.  


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