China to Outshine US in Global Craft Beers Market on the Back of Robust Demand

Published On : 26 Dec 2016 has announced the addition of a new research report to its repository that offers an insightful peek into of the global craft beers industry, with a special focus on the China market. The 163-page report, titled “Global and China Craft Beers Industry 2014 Market Research Report,” starts out with a basic definition of craft beer and its evolutionary path, including the product and technological developments along the way.

Craft beer is expensive. This is because it is produced in small quantities using rigorous traditional methods. It is a part of the microbrewery industry and not the large-scale corporate breweries. Prominent craft beer establishments are usually owned by individuals. With the changing lifestyle and rising spending power of consumers worldwide, craft beers have seen a robust upswing in demand. In fact, it has been an aberration of sorts in an otherwise sluggish beer industry exhibiting lackluster growth.

At the forefront of driving demand in the global market for craft beers is the emerging economy of China. Urban Chinese consumers’ demand for high-end beers has helped many global and local brands to up their profits substantially. As per Deutsche Bank analysts, China drinks about a quarter of the world’s beer. In fact, China’s craft beers market is slated to overtake that of the U.S. in the near future to hold a dominating share globally. With mass-produced beers market having reached a point of saturation in China, craft beer presents new opportunities for revival as it has already done in countries such as South Korea and Canada. In fact, with increasing cross-border collaborations and global recognition for Chinese beer brands worldwide, China is already being recognized as a potential brewing powerhouse.

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While in 2014 almost half the beer in China was imported from Germany, currently a host of manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized craft breweries are pitching their products to the affluent and middle-class consumers to tap into the market. Three foreign beer cultures have been at the forefront of driving China’s craft beer revolution. They are the German tradition, offering pale or dark lager, and a seasonal brew compliant with the beer purity law; Belgian tradition leveraging liberal formulation methods using fruit, spices, and sugar; and the New World brewing tradition that makes a marked departure from the orthodox ingredients.

The report discusses the trajectory of the beer market in China so far by factoring in technological and product developments and by analyzing the current competitive landscape. It also discusses the key regions in the China market and presents a comparative analysis between the China and global markets. To achieve the latter, the report studies the macro-economic factors such as GDP growth and CPI in China and other major markets such as Europe, the U.S., and Japan.

To further understand the global craft beers market landscape, the report analyzes the impact of the latest policies, news, and trends on the production processes and volumes. The report also studies the manufacturing processes, the different types of brews, and key players in the market. 


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