Global Cooking Knives Market Fragmented Owing to Low Entry Barriers Enticing Numerous Players

Published On : 24 Oct 2018

Cooking knives, also known as kitchen knives, are meant to chop and slice smoothly. They are an important and indispensable tool in every home and commercial kitchen. This has resulted in their steady sales over the years. The most preferred variety has been the 8 inch long stainless steel knives. 

When it comes to the competitive landscape, the global cooking knives market is highly fragmented. Low upfront capital has led to numerous players entering the fray every now and then. All these has also upped competition.

Rising Number of Hotels and Restaurants Drive Demand for Cooking Knives

At the forefront of driving the cooking knives market is the substantial proliferation of hotels and restaurants all over the world. This has led to sales of knives that can help professional cooks multitask easily. From mincing leaves, dicing carrots, and peeling chicken, the commercial kitchen knives, another name for the cooking knives, can accomplish all. They also accord speed and efficiency. 

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Another factor driving up demand and sales in the global cooking knives market is the rising focus on thwarting cross contamination of food by using knives having different colored handles meant for various kinds of food products. Besides, rising demand for superior and specialty knives by chefs in restaurants is further fuelling the cooking knives market.

Frequent Launch of Various Innovative Knives Boosts Sales

A few of the noticeable trends in the global cooking knives market are the use of knives having colored handles, focus on knife handling and safety, and rollout of custom-made knives. In fact, many new types of commercial and domestic knives are being launched in the global cooking knives market every now and then. They boast of improved features and functionalities to entice new customers and retain existing ones. 

For example, savvy players in the global cooking knives market are seen coming up with better designs, newer types of handles, better materials for the main body, and of course products boasting greater strength and sharpness. They are seen experimenting with handles made of different types of materials such as proflex, fibrox, resin, nylon, white polypropylene, polyoxyethylene, and styrene.

Nimble players are also seen launching specialty knives, custom made for a specific food material. Some such knives include oyster knives, tomato knives, decorating knives, grapefruit knives, chestnut knives, churrasco knives, and fluting knives. 

North America Leads Market Owing to Large Number of Commercial Eateries 

Geographically, the global cooking knives market is spread across North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. Of them, North America and Europe together account for a leading share in the market because of the high spending capacity of people, large number of restaurants, and numerous manufacturers of high-end products in the regions. In the near term, however, Asia Pacific is predicted to rise on the back of populous nations of China and India. 

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