Global Contact Lens Solution Market to get Propelled by Increasing Awareness about Eye Care across Developing Nations

Published On : 06 Jul 2016

A new research report on the global contact lens solution market has been added to the repository of QYResearchReports. The report, titled “Global Contact Lens Solution Market Professional Survey Report 2016,” sheds light on the present scenario of the market and analyzes the various factors governing the growth of the market during the period between 2016 and 2021. The specifications and classification of contact lens have been defined in the report, along with the industry chain structure. The report takes note of the various industry policies that would define the future of the contact lens solution market worldwide. The market has been studied on the basis of product types, applications, and regions. Profiles of some of the key market players have been included in the report. 

Contact lens solution is required for proper cleaning and storage of the lens as rinsing them with tap water or saliva can cause eye infections. Contact lens solutions are of various types such as saline solution, multipurpose solution, hydrogen peroxide solution, and daily cleaner. For rinsing and storing contact lens, saline solution is mostly used. However, saline products are not recommended for cleaning of contact lens. Daily cleaner solutions are used to only clean the contact lens. Multipurpose solutions and hydrogen peroxide solutions are usually preferred as they are used for rinsing, cleaning, storing, and disinfecting of contact lens.

The report analyzes the manufacturing cost structure of the global contact lens solution market and takes note of the various input costs including the prices of raw materials, equipment, and labours. It further studies the distribution of contact lens solution manufacturing plants and compiles information about their research and development activities, procurement of raw materials, and sourcing of technology.

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The report studies the global contact lens solution market across some of the key regions such as Europe, North America, China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. The growth witnessed by the market across each of the regions has been analyzed on the basis of various economic factors. Rise in disposable income across the developing economies in Southeast Asia such as India has propelled the growth of the contact lens solution market. Growing awareness about eye care and the rapid growth of the healthcare sector in these countries are also contributing significantly towards the market’s growth.  

Some of the key players in the global contact lens solution market are Ciba Vision, Alcon, AMO, Bausch, Menicon, Cooper Vision, Bescon, Lenbert, Freshkon, Weicon, Hydron (CN), IGEL, CLB Vision, and Colorcon. The report profiles these players on the basis of attributes such as product specifications, sales, revenue, ex-factory price, gross margin, and regional distribution. Furthermore, the marketing model in the global contact lens solution market has been studied with emphasis on the various distribution channels. The report studies the supply chain of the market and profiles some of the leading distributors and traders across the key regions. 

Through SWOT analysis, the report analyzes the various threats and opportunities for the market players in the near future. The feasibility of new investments in the market has been studied to project the growth opportunities for the key market players. 

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