Global Computer-Aided Facility Management – Rising Preference for Running Facilities in Cost Effective Way Aids the Market to Grow

Published On : 27 Nov 2018

CAFM market or Computer-aided Facility Management market is predicted to witness a strong growth during the forecast period 2018 – 2025. Over the years computer has played a pivotal role helping an organization succeed. Computer invented in late 20th century became an instant hit in the corporate world when people got to know about various benefits that one can obtain with the help of some simple clicks.  Computer made people realize that one person can handle works of several people without spending more time. This made employers across the world to hire less people than usual. With the advent of computer came many software and application which helped an organization to run smoothly without any obstruction. Computer-aided facility management is considered to be one of the major management system that help organizations to work hassle free.

CAFM software is a computer aided facilities management software that is designed to support everything for a facility or building, which even includes each and every aspect of day to day operations. According to the International Facility Management Association this software helps in coordinating facilities and workplace with various people and the operations of that particular organizations. 

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Physical Building Administration of CAFM Market to Bolster Market

One of the major and important feature that comes along with computer aided facility management system is that its ability to manage the real infrastructure inside the facility. For instance, several CAFM system can be connected to the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) , lights, and other various infrastructure present in the building. Certain features in CAFM market allows one to have remote management, and facility manager in charge can turn window, lock doors on and off, and set thermostats remotely. Other features are it keeps an eye on energy monitoring, which alerts the consultant officer regarding extreme usage of electricity. This helps in increasing safety, aids employers to save money and initially helps environment by not consuming excess among of energy. These factors are anticipated to help the market boom. 

CAFM’s Function to Support Operational and Strategic Parts of Facilities Management Favors Market Growth

Another important feature that is favoring the market growth is the feature of CAFM systems to support the strategic and operational parts of facilities management which also consists of technical, infrastructure, and administrative tasks along with strategic process which is needed for management and planning. These feature is hard to understand as it might seem like an umbrella, but this has helped organizations to adopt CAFM system with enthusiasm. CAFM system is used in various types of organizations and industries as it is versatile. CAFM is majorly used by end users such as energy and utilities, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, oil and gas, and government. CAFM generally stores wide array of information such as construction data, energy consumption, pertinent contact details, fire and safety information, and floorplans. 

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