Global Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems to See Increased Adoption as Technological Advancements set to Improve Efficiency

Published On : 28 Nov 2016

The global market for compressed air energy storage is examined in a market research report recently added to The report is titled “Global Compressed Air Energy Storage Market Research Report 2016.” The report gives a detailed overview of the present state of the market and its future growth prospects. Different areas and technologies with potential high-growth prospects and the various drivers, restraints, and trends that could have a notable influence on the adoption and development of these areas are thoroughly examined in the report.

The field of compressed air energy storage (CAES) uses a number of techniques to store energy generated at one time, in the form of pressurized air, to be used at other times of need. Compressed air energy storage has emerged as one of the most viable alternatives to wind turbines-based electricity generators and pumped hydroelectric storage (PHS) in the past few years owing to several intermittency and cost-related issues of the technologies. 

The mounting rise in demand for efficient and green energy sources in the past few years have driven research and development activities in the field of compressed air energy storage and many new and much more efficient technologies, in terms of energy output and carbon footprint, have emerged in the global  market. However, the implementation of CAES suffers from two key challenges: the high dependence on fossil fuels and reliance on favorable caverns. 

Nevertheless, technological improvements and the increasing efficiency of improved CAES systems such as small scale CAES and advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage (AA CAES) are expected to will alleviate these barriers and lead to the increased adoption of CAES power generation in the next few years. The adoption of CAES will also be driven owing to the long storage periods possible with CAES systems and the low capital costs required for setting up commercial CAES systems.

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The report gives a thorough overview of the regulatory framework governing key decisions in the global compressed air storage market, with a thorough overview of the key rules, regulations, plans, and policies across key regional markets. The impact of these aspects on the overall development of the global market is thoroughly analyzed with the help of industry standard analysis techniques. 

Vast qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to the key market segments has been gathered with the help of several primary and secondary research methodologies such as telephonic interviews, analysis of industry and corporate databases, and inputs from industry experts. From a geographical perspective, the market has been examined for regional markets such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East.

A comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape of the global compressed air energy storage market has also been given. This section of the report examines details such as the present state in terms of innovation, product portfolio, geographic presence, expansion strategies, and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for some of the key players in the market.

The key players in the market examined in the report are Dresser-Rand Group, LightSail Energy, General Compression, SustainX, Apex CAES, ADELE, Gaelectric, Hydrostor, Bright Energy Storage Technologies, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.


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