China Aluminium Industry Research, Analysis, Developments, Demands, Market Outlook Report 2015

Published On : 11 Jan 2016

Brooklyn, New York, January 11, 2016- QYResearchReports has added a new research report, titled “China Aluminium Industry 2015 Market Research Report”, to its database. The report delivers a competent and detailed examination of the China aluminium industry. The report contains 188 tables and figures that impart valuable statistical data to support the conclusions in the report with satisfactory and thoroughly researched data on the China aluminium industry.

The overview of the China aluminium industry is a section related to studying the definitions and specifications of the China aluminium industry. Other sections in the industry’s overview are the applications and classifications of the China aluminium industry, added to which is an industry policy analysis, industry chain structure, and an analysis of the China aluminium industry news.

The report builds into a cost structure analysis of the China aluminium industry’s manufacturing, along with its price analysis. It further explores the labor cost analysis and depreciation cost analysis within the China aluminium industry. It additionally provides a manufacturing cost structure analysis and manufacturing process analysis.

The analysis of manufacturing plants and technical data of the China aluminium industry covers the commercial production dates and capacities of major players in 2014, along with distribution of the key companies and their manufacturing plants in the China aluminium industry.

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It also includes a capacity, production, price, cost, and revenue analysis of the China aluminium industry, along with data on the supply, import, export, and consumption. All analyses are conducted using market values generated between 2010 and 2015. The production analysis of the China aluminium industry is organized keeping region, technology, and application as the key factors of segmentation.

This section is followed by data on the most important provinces involved in the production of aluminium, the product types in the China aluminium industry, sales of aluminium, price analysis with the manufacturers’ point of view, along with a sales figure of aluminium according to application.

The analysis of sales and revenue figures of the China aluminium industry is carried out using the top areas of the industry between 2010 and 2015. This involves sales revenue of the maximum capacity production of aluminium, the consumption, export, and import of aluminium, and shortage instances, the gross, revenue, cost, and price margins of the China aluminium industry, and finally, the production sales market share analysis, supply, consumption.

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All top companies operatingin the China aluminium industry report are extensively detailed through product specifications and pictures, a SWOT analysis, a revenue, capacity, cost, production, gross of the company, and company profile. The top players in the China aluminium industry are Southwest Aluminum Co., Ltd.,Fujian NanpingAluminium Co., Ltd., Guangdong XingfaAluminium Co., Ltd, Fubang Holdings, Zhejiang Dongliang New Material Co., Ltd., Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., Rusal, Chalco, Alcoa, and Rio Tinto.

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