Increasing Demand for Lightweight and Fuel Efficient Vehicles to Boost Global Carbon Thermoplastic Market

Published On : 17 Jan 2017 has recently announced the addition of a new study on the global carbon thermoplastic market. The research report, titled “Global Carbon Thermoplastic Sales Market Report 2017,” offers an unbiased and in-depth assessment of this market on the basis of its historical performance and the current status, emphasizing especially on each of the geographical segments. The key trends, growth drivers, limitations, challenges opportunities, and future prospects of the worldwide market for thermoplastic have also been taken into consideration in this market study.

As per the research report, the increasing demand for lightweight and fuel efficient vehicles, which has fueled the need for the consolidation of components, is propelling the global market for carbon thermoplastic significantly. 

On the other hand, the high cost of material (carbon fiber), rising concerns about recyclability, lack of the breakthrough from technical and research side, and the absence of adequate production capacity may hamper the growth of this market to some extent in the near future. However, the rising number partnerships among carbon fiber suppliers and OEMs, owing to the need of OEMs for far-reaching solutions from suppliers is expected to add substantially to the market’s growth over the next few years, notes the research study.

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In the report, the global market for carbon thermoplastic has been assessed on the basis of the type of product, application, and its geographical presence. Polypropylene, polyphenylene sulfide, polyamide, polyetheretherketone (PEEK), polycarbonate, and polyetherimide are the major products available in this market. These products find wide-ranging application in automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, carbon fiber microelectrodes, civil engineering, and sport and recreation. Thanks to the constant technological advancements in carbon thermoplastic, the range of its application is likely to expand substantially in the near future.

Geographically, the global market for carbon thermoplastic has been segmented into South East Asia, Europe, Japan, China, India, and the United States. Europe and the United States have been exhibiting a higher demand for carbon thermoplastic than other regions and the scenario is likely to remain the same over the forthcoming years, notes the study.

The competitive landscape of the global market for carbon thermoplastic has been presented as well in this research report. Researchers have reviewed the profiles of the key companies operating in this market thoroughly to gain an insight into their current status as well as future prospects. The existing hierarchy in this market has also been identified in this market study.

BASF SE, Honeywell Industrial Inc., Celanese Corp., E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Co., Quickstep Holdings Ltd., SGL Group, TenCate, Toray Industries Inc., PlastiComp, Cytec Industries Inc., Gurit Holding AG, Saudi Basic Industries Corp., Teijin Ltd., The DOW Chemical Co., and FiberForge are some of the leading vendors of carbon thermoplastic across the world profiled in this research report.  

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