Global Carbon Offset/ Carbon Credit Trading Service Market to Grow Alongside Rising Need for Environmental Protection

Published On : 24 Jul 2018

The global market for carbon offset or carbon credit trading service has been expanding on account of the need to reduce deterioration caused to the environment on a global scale. The emission of carbon dioxide has largest contributor to global pollution levels and has resulted in the emergence several threats to the ecology of the planet. Hence, there is a pressing need to ensure that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced and the negative impacts of greenhouse gases on the environment are alleviated. Carbon offset is a method of reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and this method is based on offsetting of emissions in one areas by reducing emissions in another area. A single round of carbon offset is believed to reduce a tonne of other greenhouse gases in some other area. The carbon offset or carbon credit trading service works by persuading users to fund initiatives or projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gases. A single offset can be bought by signing to finance all the operations that are performed to reduce greenhouse gases from a certain area, premise, or territory. 

This blog by QY Research elaborates on the pragmatic ways in which carbon offset takes place and how its market has grown in recent times. Furthermore, this blog is also a representation of the multitude forces of demand and supply that currently operate in the global market for carbon offset

1. Green-House Effect

Green house gases cause severe deterioration to the environment and there is an urgent need to control them. Since carbon offset contributes towards reducing the overall carbon footprint of the world, the demand within the market for carbon credit trading services has been on a rise. Furthermore, carbon offset also helps in generation of renewable energy across several industrial longitudes. This has also contributed towards the growth and maturing of the global market for carbon offset/ carbon credit trading service. Landfill methane projects are also a key area of application for carbon offset, which also creates demand within the global market. 

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2. Energy Sector 

The energy sector has left no stone unturned in maximizing the overall production of energy and reduction of the carbon footprint. Hence, propagators of energy conservation and international bodies for environment protection have confided in the potential of carbon offset to improve the current fettle of the environment. The industrial, residential, and commercial sectors have become ardent end-users of carbon offset over the past decade. 

3. Market Players

The market players operating in the global carbon offset/ carbon credit trading service market are promoting and advertising projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Some of the key players in the carbon offset market are Carbon Clear, Aera Group, GreenTrees, South Pole Group, Forest Carbon, and Allcot Group. 

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