Global Carbon Fiber Market: Rising Production of Automotive Carbon Fiber to Drive Market

Published On : 04 Aug 2016

Carbon fiber is not a new entrant in the automotive industry, but the trends are changing as most automotive companies are using carbon fiber for crafting body panels. Nowadays, it is also being used to make various engine components. Recently, Lamborghini, a leading auto manufacturer decided to use carbon fiber to create engine components to manufacture car body panels as well as for producing engine components. This has led to many other supercar makers increasing their use of carbon fiber.  

The report, titled ‘Global Carbon Fiber Market Professional Survey Report 2016,’ says that the global carbon fiber market will be boosted primarily by the growing demand for carbon fiber from the automotive industry. After defining carbon fiber, the analysts have highlighted the various applications, classifications, and specifications of carbon fiber. Analysts also expect that amalgamations, mergers, and partnerships between leading automotive industry players and carbon fiber manufacturers will benefit the global market. 

Recently, Japan’s Mitsubishi Rayon made headlines due to its tie-up with a U.S.-based carbon fiber manufacturing company where an agreement was signedto manufacture carbon fiber automotive components. In this process, Mitsubishi agreed to supply the required quantity of carbon fiber and other materials to the U.S.-based company. The joint venture aims to introduce a wide range of carbon fiber products for vehicles. Such mergers are expected to propel the automotive industry as well as the global carbon fiber market.

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For a competitive study, the research lists leading companies operating in the global carbon fiber market. Toray, Toho Tenax, Mitsubishi Rayon, FPC, Hexcel, Cytec Industries, Zoltek, SGL, Carbon Fibre Technologies, Nippon Carbon, Zhongfu Shenying, Dalian Sinke, Jinlin Carbon, Weihai Tuozhan, AKSA, Jiyan High-Tech, Zhongheng New Materials, SINOCARB, Jiangsu Hengshen, Henan Yongmei, and Jilin Petrochemical are some of the prominent companies listed in the report on the global carbon fiber market. The entry of new companies is predicted to make the global market more competitive in the coming years.    

For a regional study, the global carbon fiber market is divided into Europe, the U.S., China, Japan, Africa, and South America. By expanding their services in many regions, leading players are aiming to maintain their dominance in the global carbon fiber market. Key companies are profiled in the report by considering factors such as product specifications, ex-factory price, gross margin, revenue, and distribution of carbon fiber. New project investments by leading players will benefit the global carbon fiber market, predict the analysts. To study the feasibility of new projects, an industry-standard tool, SWOT analysis, is used. 


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