Global CMTS and CCAP Market to Benefit from Rising Demand for Over the Top Video Services Globally

Published On : 05 Nov 2018

Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) refer to the piece of equipment used by a cable company to provide high speed IP-based voice and data services over hybrid fiber-coaxial networks. Converged cable access platform (CCAP) is a technology that allows cable operators to bring down their operating costs by using a single platform to offer IP-based broadband services as well as conventional video services to its consumers. The global CMTS and CCAP market has been expanding at a promising pace in the past few years and continues to expand at an impressive pace.

The market is expected to benefit massively from the increased demand for data processing capabilities through CCAP and CMTS systems across the globe. The vast rise in the number of broadband subscriptions across the globe is also working well in the favor of the global CMTS and CCAP market. The market is likely to be impacted the most by the following trends:

• Rising Adoption of Over the Top Services: There has been a massive rise in the user base of over the top video services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu in the past few years across the globe. The easy availability of high-speed internet, increased use of wide-screened smartphones, and ease of access to excellent quality media and entertainment content through these services have led to a continuous rise in such content as well. The rising consumer base of these services and content will continue to have a major impact on the overall pace of expansion of the global CMTS and CCAP market in the near future.

• Massive Rise in Global Broadband Subscriptions: High-speed broadband connections are becoming a norm in a large number of developed as well as developing economies across the globe as the consumer is willing to shell out the required funds to have access to the digital world. The increased demand for such high-speed internet is leading to a vast rise in data traffic, compelling companies to invest more in new headend infrastructure elements to ensure uninterrupted data services to their customers. This trend is likely to work well in the favor of the global CMTS and CCAP market.

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• Developing Economies Present Promising Set of Growth Opportunities: Presently, developed economies in regions such as Europe and North America are at the forefront of developments and adoption of CMTS and CCAP technologies. The presence of a well-established broadband networking infrastructure in the regions and the high disposable incomes of the population are the key factors that have led to the increased adoption of high-speed broadband networks, thus driving the CMTS and CCAP market.

While these regions are likely to remain at the helm of future developments in the market as well, it will emerging economies in regions such as Latin America and Asia Pacific that will provide the most lucrative set of growth opportunities to the global CMTS and CCAP market. Rising demand for high-speed broadband networks and over the top video services from a rising population of affluent middle-class people in these emerging economies will drive the market. 

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