Building-integrated Photovoltaic Skylight Increases Demand with Growing Trend of Rising Popularity of Community Solar Gardens

Published On : 29 Aug 2018

The global building-integrated photovoltaic skylight market is anticipated to find growth rising with the growing popularity of community solar gardens (CSGs). Two or more number of subscribers are researched to share a CSG. The subscribers are generally observed to be government buildings, schools, condo owners, businesses, homeowners, and renters. A CSG allows its subscribers to share the benefits of single solar installation. One of the reasons it is gaining large popularity could the requirement of less energy investments. CSG provides a vast reserve for use and curbs the cost of using solar energy.

The nature of the vendor landscape could be highly competitive and fragmented because of the presence of diversified and more than a few local, regional, and international vendors in the global building-integrated photovoltaic skylight market. Vendors are predicted to compete on the basis of range of products, price, performance, energy efficiency, capacity, panel type, and brand recognition. Vendor performance could be significantly impacted by the purchase capacity of end users.

Emergence of New Business Models as Key Factor for Market Growth

The advent of new business models could be a primary factor responsible for the growth of the global building-integrated photovoltaic skylight market. Several nations are involved in the study of new mechanisms to encourage the use and development of renewable energy technologies. On the other hand, there is restructuring currently undergoing in the high-regulated utilities sector. Utility power distribution and generation are seeing participation of more number of private bodies.

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In exchange of giving the green signal to sell electricity within a given service territory or region, the authorities monitor the cost of equity financing and debt and the profit margin. In order to offset disappointing returns from conventional utility projects, these utility vendors seek a revenue stream by entering the competitive distributed generation and other new business models.

Increased Energy Efficiency Improves Demand for Crystalline Panel

There are different types of products available in the global building-integrated photovoltaic skylight market: thin film and crystalline panels. In a recent year, crystalline panel collected a handsome share of the market and is expected to continue with its dominance until the end of 2025. In comparison with thin film panel, crystalline panel offers increased energy efficiency, which could push its market growth even further. Besides high energy efficiency, it offers various benefits such as low production and deposit costs and better output.

Some of the popular applications of building-integrated photovoltaic skylight are infrastructure, residential, commercial, and industrial. In the recent past, the commercial market showed larger growth with its greater amount of share achieved. With a view to enhance the overall building efficiency, commercial building developers are implementing building-integrated photovoltaic and energy management system (EMS) technologies. This could be due to the introduction of tight government regulations.

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