Arrival of M2M Technology to Bolster Growth of Global Big Data in Manufacturing Market

Published On : 14 Nov 2016 announces the addition of a new research report, titled “Global Big Data in Manufacturing Market Professional Survey Report 2016.” The study also encapsulates the primary factors fuelling and restraining the development of the market. The trends influencing the development of the market also form a key part of this study. The big data in manufacturing market’s growth prospects in regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and nations such as India, Japan, and China have also been studied in this report. The revenue and export-import patterns in these regions have also been highlighted for the period 2011 to 2015. The mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in this market in the recent past also form an integral part of this report.

The first part of the study present an industry overview of the big data in manufacturing market. This section includes the specifications and definition of big data in manufacturing. The market has also been classified into managed service for big data, big data security software, software and platforms, and hardware infrastructure. Big data solutions present objective information regarding the performance of enterprises and also enables these enterprises in storing huge data volume such as employee details and product portfolios.

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A number of factors are responsible for the growth of this market. The rising requirement to make competitive strategies and the increasing data amount stored by the manufacturing sector will increase the implementation of big data in the manufacturing sector. In addition, the arrival of M2M technology will also drive the growth of the market in the coming years, as per this study.

There are primarily three types of solution type available in this market, namely mixed-mode manufacturing, process manufacturing, and discrete manufacturing. Of these, the segment of discrete manufacturing holds a significant share in the market. The discrete manufacturing sector is proliferated with organizations making household items, appliances, computer accessories and computers, consumer electronics, airplanes, smartphones, toys, furniture, and automobiles. 

In the next section of the report, this study incorporates the manufacturing cost structure evaluation of big data in manufacturing market. This section throws light on the suppliers of raw materials in the market and the manufacturing cost structure evaluation of big data in manufacturing. The industry chain structure of big data manufacturing market also forms a key part of this study.

In the last section of the study, the key manufacturers operating in the big data in manufacturing market have been reviewed in terms of their product specifications, product picture, and company profile. The prominent manufacturers operating in the global big data in manufacturing market are 1010Data Inc., Actian Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Bosch Software Innovations, Cloudera Inc., Cloudwick Inc., CRAY Inc., Dell Software, EMC Corporation, and HP, among others, as per this report.


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